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Abdominal Pain, Just had my annual..???

I just had my annual Gyno exam in April.  All was well ovaries normal size etc.  I am on BCPS however am experiencing some pain down the right side from time to time.  Daily comes and goes.  Right after my period not that bad as the month progresses worse and worse.  I am experiencing painful intercourse (in certain positions especially)  There is no full feeling but I do have some gass and loose stool.   Is it possible for something to develop in such a short time span?  When I lay on my back I dont feel anything through my stomach (But again i can be missing something)  just the normal squishy belly, no distension, no weight loss or gain.  Periods are normal.

I was on infertility drugs for about 4 years and finally had a son He will be 4 in september.  (thank God healthy and beautiful.) but while i was on the infertility drugs suffered through a lot of cysts.  While i was on infertility drugs i had Transvaginal U/S every month for 4 years.  All the cysts were "normal" and nothing to be concerned about.  

I am thiking of calling my GYNO. to discuss.. but i want to be ready for anything that may come my way.  Any help or advise would be wonderful!

Thank you all so very much!
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Call your doctor and let him/her know your concerns.
Stressing and wondering about it will make you sick.  
Ask for an internal sonogram.  
Good luck
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If you want to search for further information you could try this webpage
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Regards, Ed.
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