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Abdominal Swelling

Hello: 13 days ago I had severe abdominal pain, the diagnosis was ruptured ovarian cyst and peritonitis.  I got my doctor to let me leave the hospital since I was only there for pain management.  I followed up with the GYNE and decided to have a lap to remove the remaining cyst.  She told me after that she done an oophorectomy.  That was 4 days ago and I have major bloating/swelling and feel fatigued if I stand for more than a few minutes, I also have a yeast infection from all the antibiotics.  Normally I recoop very well after a surgery (I no longer have anything to take out...at least I hope not!)  Can anyone tell me if it's normal how I am feeling?  Thanks
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Peritonitis causes a gas build up, also the anesthetic will too, move around as much as you can, the normanl recovery time for a scope, if that is what she did, is at least 2 weeks.  You need to rest and regain your strength, outside healing goes alot faster then the internal.  any infection will cause fatigue.
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Thank you, I'm a little nervous because I usually bounce back immediately, but in retrospect I'm probably more nervous because it was initially supposed to only remove the cyst, not the ovary and now I am waiting to hear back on the pathology results.  
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