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Abdominal fluid making life miserable

Is there any relief from the distended belly caused by my fluid buildup.  I start chemo in 2 weeks.  The large amount of fluid buildup makes my life miserable.  Surely there is something I can do to relieve the pressure.
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Talk to your Dr. I know that they can drain it out. I'm sure they are expecting it to go away with chemo, but they can't make you wait two whole weeks! I hope you get some relief soon,
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Dear Babesmuffin,

My wife is undergoing her second 3 week Doxol roound and is experiancing EXTREME adominal pain (and Nausia) None of the literature describing the side effects of Doxol list abdominal pain. I'm wondering if perhaps she is experiance a buidup of abdominal fluid.  Does anyone now if this is something that happens with this chemo? and if so, should she schedule an emergancey doctors appointment?  Thank you
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I was diagnosed in June and have since had four 'taps' of the ascites fluid. The first removed 8.5 litres of fluid, 25 days later they took away 11 litres of fluid, 25 days after 7.5 litres.
After my first Chemo (taxol.Carboplatin)I went 45 days before the next drain which unfortunately was messed up rather as the tube came apart in the night and I had about ten hours during which there was no flow as the tap had not been switch on again so I left hospital half finished after 4.5 litres had been taken off. (They needed my bed - UK NHS hospital)
My second chemo came to a halt as I had a bad reaction to Taxol so  
am now just on Carboplatin. I have just made an appointment for next week for another 'tap' - earlier than I would have done but my son is getting married on the 11th of Nov. and I want to be as comfortable as possible.
Chemo is supposed to help dry up the ascites and my first dose did. I hope it wasn't just the Taxol as I can't have it again.
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