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Acid Reflux and Ovarian Cancer

Wondering, how many of you had acid reflux as your symtom before you were dx with OC?  Also, how many of you still experience the acid reflux now, after surgery and chemo?
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I was diagnosed with OC on Nov.15/05 , but had no symptomslike yours.If you still have these symptoms after the treatments why do you think it is something to do wit OC.I am just curious.
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Also me I had acidic reflux after chemotherapy. Now, after the third surgery I have no more acidic reflux, no pain, normal CA 125.
You must take some antiacid treatment, but tell this to your doctor.
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I did not have oc, but had large dermoids.  I had these removed 12/21/05 and my acid reflux has returned with a vengence!!  I was taking previcid 30mg as needed, now I take one in the am and one pm.  My surgery was 7 weeks ago.  Do you think this could be hormonaly linked??  I only have 10% of my left ovary remaining and am having all of the menopause symptoms.  Gee ladies, after all you have been through, now this - does it ever stop?!?  God be with you all.
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Just that Acid Reflux is a condition to watch for in the cancer.  After surgery it was gone, but is is 9 weeks since surgery and some has returned.  I have been on Nexium since the surgery.  Started drinking soda again, will stop to see if this will go away.
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i just had a US that revealed a cyst on the left ovary.  my symptoms b4 going to the dctr included acid reflux/heart burns, extreme lower back pain, bloating, adomen pain on the right and left side, and irregular bleeding.  i am suppose to return for a follow-up US in 3mts, but at the same time im having a colonoscopy to rule out other possible conditions.  my dctr just prescribed me nexium.
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"Digestive upsets" are a common trademark of ovarian masses, whether malignant or not.  I had all the classic symptoms of ovca, including the indigestion and heartburn, as well as a large complex mass with solid components and what appeared to be an enlarged ovary.  I was blessed that my mass was benign.  

During chemotherapy,  the acid reflux, indigestion, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, and constipation are common problems.  These problems result from the body's inability to restore daily the mucus, digestive fluids, and  other cells  lining, "operating," and protecting the gastro-intestinal tract.  This inability is the result of the fact that chemotherapy works by stopping the division of rapidly-dividing and growing  cells.   It can be made worse if the patient experiences significant nausea and/or vomiting.  When the chemotherapy regimen ends, and the body has a chance to heal or re-grow healthy cells, these problems usually stop (or at least go back to pre-treatment levels.)   Just remember that it can take a significant amount of time for the body to heal from long chemotherapy regimens.
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don't wait three months.  you said cyst, yet you're on the ovarian cancer posting???? typically cysts are non-cancerous especially in premenopausal women. and typically the docs say to wait and see (i'm RN)  But,
the only way they can really tell that it's not cancer, is to do a laproscopy surgery and test some cells (this would also tell you what kind of ovarian cancer).  The other option would be to have a PET scan.  Cancer shows up as hot spots on the scan.    your symptoms are the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer.  don't want to scare you, but want you to make sure that if it is, you're on the way to health sooner than later! if you're going to wait, wait only 1 month to measure the tumor for any changes.
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