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Adnexal mass growing again after surgery

Hi. my relative is 42 yrs old. Uterus already removed. Recently, she was diavnosed with adnexal mass and was operated. she is recovering now but again another mass formed again. doctors saying this is raresr of rare case. Anybody can suggesr a better solution other than surgery? pls
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Does your relative have ovarian cancer?  I ask that because this is the ovarian cancer forum and I am trying to understand. The other question which they can't answer with out surgery is it benign or cancerous? I am no doctor but surgery would be the way to go. The other thing to do is watch and see. Does the relative still have her ovaries? It still could be benign. It is possible to have growth after the uterus is out. The best thing to do is communicate with her doctor. Each case is different. You can go to a GYN oncologist. They deal with complex cases not just cancer. They do not do surgery unless they need to because of scar tissues.

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