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After Chemo - recovery?

Will have six rounds finished tommorow.  Carbo and Taxol.  Still recovering from the surgery, from December, 05. 27 staples stage 3c.  Can anyone tell me how long after chemo will you start to feel yourself again?
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I would think it depends quite a lot on factors such as age and fitness before you started treatment.  I finished my first rounds of chemo last April 2005 and began to feel better within 6 weeks of the last infusion ie 3 weeks after the last cycle.  I didn't exactly bound back to normal full fitness immediately but had  a  holiday cruise in late May with a fair bit of walking etc.  By July I felt pretty well although not completely fit.  One of the specialist nurses at the clinic said it takes from 6-12 months depending on age etc, but obviously everyone is different.  I'm 65 now and was pretty fit from lots of gardening etc but had 2 lots of surgery before and during the chemo which I also had to recover from.  Hope that helps a bit!   Jenny
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I finished with my 1st rd of chemo treatments on Dec. 22, 2005.  I slowly began to feel a bit more energy...slowly.  I still have neuropathy in fingers and toes, and my chemo brain is still a bit there. I do go for walks, and exercise (just not like I did and as often as I did prior to the cancer diagnosis). It has been 3 months plus.... and my hair has only grown approx 1/4 inch.  On May 1 I begin my 2nd rd of chemo...I have put it off for a few weeks so that I can travel and enjoy a bit of freedom from the ugliness of the chemo side effects.  I was on the same 2 drugs you have been on. This new drug has the probability for hair loss.  doggone it!  :(  In May I will begin topotecan...5 days a week, 2 wks off, then 5 days a week, 2 wks off, etc for 6 times (18 more weeks).   I was told from the beginning (August 2005 when I was diagnosed and began with the chemo treatments), that it can take a full year to actually fully recover from all the side effects.  My prayers are with you;  it is so terrible, I know.  Know others are out here feeling your pain with you.  God bless you.
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I finished my 6th round of taxol/carboplatin 11/8/05.  I am 52 y/o and was quite fit before I was diagnosed with 3c.  I had a very rough course of treatment with lots of complications and I am still not feeling that well.  It's been about 5 months for me and I have been surprised at how slow my recovery has been but then I'm not the most patient person, either!  I do think this is very individual and my best advice would be to allow your body plenty of time to recover.  It will let you know when you've overdone it.  But don't get discouraged; you'll get there.  I wish you well.

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Oh darn it, and I thought I would be feeling better end of the month...terrin2, you are just a week or so behind me. I had surgery 3c 11/23 and had my last chemo treatment one week ago. I cruised through the treatments with a fair amount of energy but the last 4 weeks were rough and spent mostly in bed. It's been a week since the last treatment now and I am not coming around at all. Very weak and tired. I can feel this will take a while to get out of my system. Bummer! I am scheduled to go back to work in 10 days but at my current energy level, no way!

How soon after chemo did you ladies go back to working full time?
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I went back part time in January which was about 8 weeks after my last session.  I was initially very wiped out but then it's a job where I'm on my feet a lot--I work as an RN in a clinic.  I'm doing better now but I have to be honest and say that it's been slow going.  I think that last chemo round just kicked my butt big time.
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I do not have the energy to work full time.  I put in very little time, and I am not sure what will happen now that I will be starting my 2nd round, another 18 wks of chemo, beginning on May 1st.
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