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After Sugery!!

Hello I have a long story but going to try to keep it short. Well me and my husband had been trying to have another child for five years with no luck. So my doctor thought it was endo. Went for lap. Sugery and they fount worse. My ovaries were ate up so they had to do a Hysterectomy but left my uterus. So they cut me hip to hip. I healed great with no problems. It had not spread yet and all my test came back great. It's been a little over a month. I have been having a dull pain in my right side above my hip. Nothing that hurts bad you just know it's their. Feels like something pulling and when I breath in feels like a pull. Is this normal? It makes me worry...
Also I am 27 years old anyways heard could never get ov cancer at this age well that's wrong you can.. scares me still!!
Thank you all for any info..
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I am sorry you had to have your ovaries removed and at such a young age of  27. I am glad to hear you got to keep your uterus though since it is important for pelvic integrity and sexual function as well as some degree of heart health. You said " It had not spread yet and all my test came back great." Do you not need any chemo or radiation? Are you sure the pathology / biopsy showed you had cancer? I know of women who had organs removed and were told they had cancer only to discover that they did not. All my organs were removed for a suspicious looking ovarian cyst that ended up being benign.

As far as your pain, it could be scar tissue (adhesions) but you should see your doctor to have this investigated. It took years for the discomfort on the one side to completely go away and even now (8 years out), there are rare  occasions when I feel some discomfort there.

I am curious if you will be taking hormone replacement since you are so young. How long ago was your surgery?

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I have the same pain. My GP got out an anatomy book and showed me nerves and mucsles that had been cut when they did the surgery.  She said I will aways have pain. I can where a truss. I had my ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus, omentm (linig of the organs) and part of my bowel removed.

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It was not cancer yet it was abnormal cells.. said both my ovaries were ate up also had a tumor on one.. they said no chemotherapy. . Have to come back every four months for five years.. I have to do the shots for hormones.. had my sugery July 22nd.. I had read about scar tissue thought that might be it also and nurves.. they also took my appendices out and had my gallbladder took out two years ago so I know this dull pain is not from that.. yes it hurts me that we had been trying for five years for a baby.. but everything happens for a reason.. thank you for posting
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I am glad you do not have to do chemo that is great news.


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Thank you
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