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Am struggling with health and mortality issues here and have been enlightened greatly by all of your insights and experiences.  Wondering if there is anybody else out there like me (see title?)  I welcome the motivation behind people telling me they are saying prayers for me and would never challenge their beliefs.  Hoping not to offend anyone, I just can't seem to get on board.
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I grew up in a religious household but have become disillusioned by organized religion.  I enjoy learning about the different beliefs of people but feel that organized religion has caused so many wars, so much death, and has too many flaws - it is man made and man is not perfect.  I want to believe that there is a God and something more beyond this earthly life.  I do occasionally find myself praying in bad times and when I least expect it.  I do respect other people's choices and figure if they are praying for me that it cannot hurt.  

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My father was agnostic.  He was a wonderful, brilliant, and loving man.  I was raised to find my own beliefs. Through personal experience and after seeing the power of prayer and many things I consider miracles, I believe we were all put here by our loving creator.  I do believe in prayer very strongly.  I believe in God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  That said, I know many other people with different faiths and beliefs. Do I think they are wrong and I am right? No. They may worship in a different way. What is important to me is that we can find love and peace in this world before moving on to what comes after life here. I am not a member of any church.  I have pastor friends and am closely connected to the church I worked for for 20 years. This was a really good question. I think both love and peace can be found through friendships formed on this forum no matter what we do or do not believe.  Marie
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With the life/death issues we here deal with, I think you answered your own uncertainty about the use of 'prayer'...all that is being offered to us is the "motivation behind people" to keep going.  Do all of us believe or not believe the way that others do?  Does it matter?  What we do believe in at this forum, is the need for positive affirmations, and motivating others to believe in themselves.  This disease has happened to us...why isn't really an issue; it just HAS.  What matters most is the closeness here that allows us to heal, cry, mourn, vent, and most of all, regain our sense of security in an insecure situation.  There is no need for us to "get on board" another boat...we're all in THIS one...together.

I send this with much respect and regard...that's what we 'sisters' do...

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     Very interesting question.. .. I guess all I can add is that speaking only for me; When I wish someone the best, or that I'm praying for them, or thinking of them. I mean primarily that I am sending good thoughts, wishing them well, hoping for recovery, etc. I guess I never really gave it too much thought. I like to  think of it a little like a smorgasbord.. take and use what you like..leave the rest.
      I think whatever each of us believes in is "our " truth. It doesn't matter that we may not all "believe" in the same thing. We come together though for the same purpose, to help, to comfort and to be there for one another.

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My Dad told me long ago there are 3 things we can always discuss but have no control over.  Death, weather and religion. The first two I'll give him, but for me I believe there is a Super Natural being who created us. I believe in the power of prayer.  My "God" is a Catholic one, He has a Master Plan.  I may not like or understand it, but I accept it.  We all deal with this in a different way, and I respect each one. Judie :)
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To me this question has allowed us to get to know more about each other.  Marie
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