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Alternative Therapies?

Hi all,
Some of you may know that I am interested in alternative and immune system supportive therapies for ovarian cancer.  Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a doctor from the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico.  They use extensive immune support therapies along with chemo to treat ovarian cancer.  Some of these include vitamin C therapy, oxygen therapy, possibly hydrogen peroxide therapy along with a vegan diet, psychological support, etc to heal the 'whole' patient.  In the US, many of these therapies are seen an 'crazy', but I see them as necessary to heal me.  I am interested in hearing from those of you outside the US and if you have had experience with any alternative therapies and how did they work for you?
Thanks for any and all (good or bad) info you can give me.
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Hi there.  There is a Complementary Medicine Forum where this discussion would be best posted.
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Although I haven't gone outside the us I have use alternative treatment.  after i finished my chemo for 3 months I had infusions of IV Vit C  unfortunatly not covered by insurance so i stopped.  I then went to Evanston, Il. to Dr. Keith Block of Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care  He is an oncoligist check out his web.  I saw him after treatment although he has had great success with ovarian cancer.  But we did a number of blood test and put me on a great regiment.  I do not do Dairy anymore other then the occasional when traelling and can't get what I use. I do not eat red meat,  eat fish only certain types and an occasional piece of chicken.  do lots of veggies and legumes.  I also take up to twenty vitamens and suppliments a day.  I am two years out from my cancer and although still have nueropathy I am doing fine.  I only can tell you that this was important to me.  I am glad you asked the question here and if you want we can always talk again.  Please do check out his web  I researched many doctors and natualpaths in choosing him

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Thanks so much for your response.  I truly believe that traditional chemotherapy and some of the alternative treatments can work together.  I am busy now doing research on the alternative options.  Right now, I take many supplements, vitamens and some homeopathic stuff.  I will be returning to the carbo/taxol (and maybe avastin) routine sometime in the next couple of months and I am sure that supporting my immume system with Vit C, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide treatments will really help me.  I am so glad to hear you are doing well and have success with the diet and supplements.  I also have created my own diet of foods that seem to work for me, mostly veggies and legumes and fruit.  I try to eat only organic (costly!) but it is too important for me to find a way to stay alive and stay healthy.
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Thanks for suggesting the complementary med forum.  The reason I posted here was because I have ovarian cancer and I am interested in alternative therapies for ovarian cancer.  I think these things are better discussed in the area where they have most relevancy.  I think that finding a way to support your immune system while chemo drugs kill the better part of it. This is an important subject for all of us!
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Thank you for the information.  I do not know much about alternative med, but I am now much more interested in finding out more.

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If you are interested, I have three articles on complimentary treatments on my website.  There are links on my profile page.  Here are five supplements I believe are good all around:

1) Maitake D-Fraction  (Article available)
2) Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10)  (Article available)
3) Genistien & I3C  (Soy Isoflavones / Dark Green Vegetables)  (Article available on Genistien)
4) Turmeric
5) Omega 3 (Fish Oil)  (Omega 3 is useful in preventing the 'wasting syndrome' in cancer patients)
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Thank you so much for the information!!!  Mom is always worried about trying new, but I will give her the info!
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I still use Vit C Intravenous-75-100 grams twice a week and I have fewer side effects from Chemo...Maitake D-Fraction and Helixor are the two I do for my immune system support also.
I researched intensly and I know with my doctor approval that  they work , but I had to adjust to different life style and different diet. As Conquerer I don't eat red meet, processed foods etc. Please see my journals if you like.
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