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I've always been signed up as an organ donor. Now that I have been diagnosed with cancer and am undergoing chemotherapy, does that disqualify me as an organ donor?
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My dad had looked into this years ago, but chemo and meds have changed so much that it may be different.  He was told no, he could not be a donor.  Check with the local agency in your area and see what the criteria is.  You still amaze me Rebel Spirit.
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I applaud you for your selflessness in this matter. You may not be able to donate your organs, but tissue might still be able to be used. They can harvest skin, bone, corneas - all very necessary. I have signed my donor card and I know that because of my Cystic fibrosis, many of my organs - lungs, pancreas, liver - will not be usable. I have also stipulated that these organs go to research for CF in hopes that they may be useful in finding a cure. Regardless of our health, it is so important that everyone sign their donor card and speak to their families about their wishes. Also, be sure to make out a personal directive (living will)!!!! Can you tell I used to work for a transplant program! I'll get off my soap box now.
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