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Any ideas what a "daughter cyst" is?

Hi, I'm 19y/o and just got an ultrasound result back for suspected thickened womb lining (which was negative) but instead the results were written up as inconclusive for not finding my right ovary (not worried about that, could of been gas blocking the ultrasound) but on the opposite ovary it said "4 possibly more daughter cysts" however no write up on whether there was a cyst... I thought you could only get daughter cysts if you had a cyst for it to come off of?!

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Hi there, that is an unusual report.
I noticed that you are from the United Kingdom. Maybe it  is a British thing -

I Googled it
here is the definition I found:

daughter cyst a small parasitic cyst developed from the walls of a larger cyst.

You should probably ask your doctor what his/her interpretation is.

Most ovarian cysts are related to ovulation and are gone the next time you check
best wishes
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