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Any opinions on Zeolite?

Has anybody had or heard of anyone's experiences using Zeolite?
My mum has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Zeolite is something we've heard a lot encouraging things about.
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If you want to go for alternative for pancreatic cancer Dr. Gonzales is the way to go. He has had success with pancreatic.  This doctor is in New York City and has or is still doing a clinical trial on his protocol versus Gemzar.


His clinical trial on pancreatic in somewhere on this site.

Best of luck!!

Someone posted awhile ago on this site that her tumors were growing while doing zeolite. I am interested in alternative stuff but have always stayed away from multi marketing and also when it looks to good to be true.
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As I was reading my Medical News Today e-mail newsletter with links I came across this.


I'll also be reading this. All my best.
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