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Any survivors with baby(ies)?

Hi there!  This is my first time posting to this forum.  I am 35, and had ovarian cancer with surgery plus chemo when I was 26.  They removed the bad ovary and fallopian tube, but luckily I still have the good ovary and uterus.  It appears my periods are fairly normal now (recently had issues with heavy/prolonged and lack of periods)... so I was wondering if any of you girls out there had luck conceiving a child after the surgery and/or chemo?  If so, how long did it take to conceive?  Did fertility therapies help?  
take care everybody~
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Hey there, I have a beautiful boy after having ovarian cancer.  I had stage 1c, removed one ovary and fallopian tube.  I had 6 months of chemo, followed by 6 months without.  I got pregnant within the year and had a healthy boy.  I didn't have to have fertility treatments, I monitored my ovulation closely.  Good luck :)
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There are GYN Oncologists who specialize in fertility. I looked it up on the computer locally. I never had children but I can imagine how important it would be. Many GYN Oncologists focus on the cancer and not fertility.

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