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Anybody out there with similar history and/or advice?

I've had chronic pain x10yrs following car accident, spine fusion, etc... Had bloated abdomen &constipation 8m ago; ER resolved w/ 2 enemas. Bloating decreased  but not completely. Bloat returned Dec2012, worse Jan 2013. OTC meds didn't work, nor did enemas. Saw new PCP 020813...Found out 021213 from CAT scan i have ovarian cancer. Saw gyn oncologist 021513 who confirms diagnosis.
While still  constipated, bloating went down alot just before gyn onc appt; he doesn't seem to believe i haven't moved bowels this month. I also read that bloating resolves as cancer spreads. Gyn onc is out all this week; wants to do surgery next week... someone's said schedule soonest is 031613....  based on cat scan, i suspect I've got stage III, perhaps IV. I'm alone and scared.  I'm 49 and have none of the risk factors... i have a 14cm x 8cm mixed consistency complex mass @ right ovary obstructing view of bowels & w/ possible peritoneal implants near diaphragm  w/ ascites at both locations.  I'm having difficulty trying to accept diagnosis.... is it possible the surgeon will open me up and do nothing if it's too much? Will I even have a chance to fight this?  Any feedback is appreciated .....  kirstin
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