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Anyone know how Deandr's surgery went?

Just wondering if anyone knows how Deandra's surgery went...
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This is from her parents:

"We are pleased to announce another example of God's intervention of answered prayers. Deandra's take down of her colostomy and 2nd look over by her oncologist/gynecologist was very successful. He did not see any area that needed any more attention. We will find out the lab biopsy results hopefully by Wednesday Feb 6th to confirm the success of her 6 months of chemotherapy. Her spirits are very high and she is so glad that the surgery is over. She wants everyone to know how appreciative we all are of your continued prayers and support."

I am so happy it went well. I sent her a card and an ecard and I hope she can laugh without hurting.  Hope this helps alleviate worries.
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Hi Jan... thanks for the great news.... that is a relief, and so pleased that everything went well for Deandra. Looking forward to see her back here soon...hugs...Helen..
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Yes, thanks Jan.  I am glad to hear there was good news for Deandra.
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so good to hear good news... yes Deandra hugs Ronni
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That is great news, thanks for letting us know Jan
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Thanks for letting us know, Jan.

Love, Mary
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May this be the turning point towards many more victories for the lady warriors on this forum! Go Deandra!  Love and prayers ~ Judie
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Yes thanks Jan. It is so great to hear good news.
  Way to go girlfriend!!!!!!  Take care of yourself and we can't wait until you are back with us.
   Love, Chris
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I have been thinking about her for the last 2 days...I am so grateful her surgery was a success and feel so relieved Thank God!!!! Thank you so much for informing all of us...May God bless her and her family always..and of course all of you guys on here also.   Gia :)
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Well, I feel awful.  I could have let everyone know yesterday had I checked my voice mail.  Norma, Deandra's mom called me while she was in recovery and I just now listened to it.  She said that they ran a solution through her system and there were no leaks which is good.  Took some biopsies of nodes for just in case but that all looks good.  They had seen some buildup around her colostomy on the MRI, but it is just a calcium buildup so no worries on that.  She will be in there 5 days or so.   You all that had hystos know we had to pass gas before we could leave so just guess what she has to do before she can go, err leave.  Wow I hope that doesn't hurt.  I know it will feel weird for her.  After my surgery I got a fistula in my bladder and had a catheter until that got to be a worse choice than diapers.  So yeah, you can imagine how bad that was.  Anyway, it was kind of weird going the first few weeks but what a relief to be done will all of that mess, literally.  I will never taking peeing for granted again. LOL I am so glad she won't have to coordinate her outfits with her bag anymore.  

Her mom also said that this "support group" has been a Godsend for Deandra both in the giving and getting of support and she wanted me to be sure to let you ALL know how much she and her family appreciate it.  She said her daughter had a ton of angels on here and she is very grateful that Deandra has all of us.  

So that is some additional good news.  Deandra did say she would call while she was in the hospital so hopefully I will hear from her soon.  I will keep you posted and you all please do the same if you hear anything.
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I am so happy to hear Deandra is doing well! She has been in my thoughts and prayers all week....well, a lot longer than that actually! God bless her and her family and I pray her recovery is quick and uneventful.

I am so thrilled to hear everything looks good!!!

I can't wait to see her smiling face, warm words and kind spirit back in the neighborhood :-)

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sure hope my little "night owl" friend recups fast and rejoins us soon.  I will send a card also, thanks Jan   Marty
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That is wonderful news. I will pray for continuing recovery for Deandra. I will keep all of you in my prayers.
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Thank you for the update. Here's to a speedy recovery for Deandra!
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Thanks for the update, Jan.  Such good news for Deandra!  Thank God!
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Man, I am so sorry.  Norma (Deandra's mom) called me this mornign and said that they wanted her to walk a couple of steps today and than to sit in  a chiair but she couldn't cause they gave epidural and she can't fell her legs os can't walk. The epidural has the fentanyl going in it and  she has a dilaudid pump too.  The fentanyl is making her very itchy and she want s themto take it out, but hthey want her to keep it and walk first. If she can't walk tomorrow they will take out the epidural and give her a local anesthesia at the incision site.  They were able to use the same incision as before.  I tried to take notes but.. Norma thanks you all again for your loving support and she is very grateful you have all been so good to deandra.
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Thanks for the update....It is still early on from the surgery..she will get up and walk when she is feeling stronger..I had dilaudid when I was in the hospital..it worked better for my pain but made me so loopy and sick to my stomach...I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for her..cant stop thinking about her..,.she is a terrific girl and I pray she gets up and around soon..she has been through alot...she needs time...I will be praying for her recovery and for all of you...Gia :)
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Thanks for the updates Jan, so glad deandra is doing well. She is the free spirit of this board, a real fighter. I hope her mom knows that her daughter, is a great hope to so many of us as well.
God bless all
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