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Appetite, cancer and chemo


I have posted several times before regarding my mum.
OVCA March 2005 stage 3. She has had 2 courses of carbo and taxol.
Dec 2009 taken into hospital with a partialPartial (focal) seizure
Partial thromboplastin time (ptt)
Thyroid gland removal bowel obstruction CA125 300. Surgeon performed a bowel bypassHeart bypass surgery
Heart bypass surgery - series. Her CA125 was then 80. Dr started her on caelyx also known as doxil. She has had 3 sessions of this chemo. After her op she developed pnuemonia (pneumonia), C diff infection and a big abdominal abcess (abscessAmebic brain abscess
Amebic liver abscess
Bartholin’s abscess
Brain abscess
Breast infection
Pancreatic abscess
Perirenal abscess
Peritonsillar abscess
Retropharyngeal abscess
Skin abscess
Spinal cord abscess).
Since her Jan she has lost 4 stone and has no appetite, she gets tummy cramps, alternates between diahorea (sorry about spelling) and constipation, she has piles and lost her taste.
One Dr says its her chemo, one Dr says its her operation and her bowels will never be the same again after that op, and another Dr says its the OVCA. She latest scan was clear.
Could anyone shead some light onto this and why she has lost the weight. She isn't loosing weight as much as she was its stabile now. Also, if it is the side effects of the chemo is there anything that can help?

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I have no answers, just wanted to send hugs.  

Great news on the clear scans, maybe she will be able to start eating a bit more.  

Wishing you both the best
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