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Are OXY E, MSM and Zeolite effective in treating cancer?

I would like to know if natural remedies like OXY E, MSM and Zeloite could be effective in treating cancer.
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Zeolite:  There is many unanswered questions about it's safety.  Even though the manufacturer says it's safe, they have never answered where they get it from, process, etc.  It can be potentional dangerous.  
- http://www.cancer.org/downloads/PUB/DOCS/SECTION3/16.pdf
- http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?page=19399

OXY E:  Same as zeolite, but from what I understand it's based on the principle of increasing oxygen to the cells, detoxification, etc.  Despite the very interesting claims of cures, there is also no studies with this one.

MSM:  Also known as Methylsulfonylmethane, is actually used also for joint inflamation.  Although it is natural, I can't find anything on medline regarding it.  I would suspect the way it's working with cancer, is the anti-inflamatory effect...beyond that I can't see how it would help.  There is also no clinical trials conducted with this one either.  
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylsulfonylmethane
- http://www.annieappleseedproject.org/syneftahnonj.html
Here's the PDR on it:
- http://www.pdrhealth.com/drug_info/nmdrugprofiles/nutsupdrugs/met_0176.shtml
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No connection at the present time for any of these to "cure cancer'   if there were, it would be presented by reputable Laboratories that have done the proper trials and reported to the FDA for approval.  We go for the natural things that enhance well being, not so called cures.
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Individuals should be reporting the results to FDA and supply medical reports and final reports after using Oxy E,  Zeolite, & MSM.  The FDA should encourage individual participation instead of expensive clinical trials.  This way they can supply the public with these more natural choices instead of the mind boggling scientific alternatives and the public can have something to go on.  I have spoken to someone personally about him using the Manchurian Mushroom and he relayed his experience with it. He said and told me, "I never felt better in my life after using the Manchurian Mushroom tea and not even now!". He also said while detoxing from the toxins he did feel nausius, sort of like a cold coming on but in hour or two it passed and he felt greater than he ever had.  All these things should be recorded for the FDA and used on part of their website.  There is proof in the pudding as far a remedies and alternative cures using hospital chart systems, doctor's records, and the like to prove that many alternative remedies are real, have saved lives, cured and helped pain.  Melatonin is an herbal remedy much healthier than using sleeping agents like Valium or the like. I know the Valium company wouldn't like it but Melatonin is much better, has no after effects, and leaves no depressant in the system.  
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I am copying
some material from my "Favourites" saved sites.

I know that simple vitamins like  vitamin A, C and D can do lots for our body.?

{{{How to Beat Cancer by Dr Richard Passwater.
Great progress is being made in the nutritional approaches to cancer. The role of anti-oxidant nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E and selenium is now the subject of mainstream, government funded research, both in the treatment and prevention of cancer. One of the pioneers of this approach, Dr Richard Passwater, author of Cancer and Its Nutritional Therapies, gives us an update on the latest worldwide findings}}}.

Dr. Linus Pauling, the Nobel prize-winning scientist, was a chief advocate of the importance of supplementing our diets with Vitamin C to promote optimum health and cure disease.

I have been on Vit C for 12 months now and I am feeling 100% better than before dx of OV CA. My allergies are gone, my teeth are stronger,my bones are denser,my skin is silky,my vision has improved, my hair improved they are  grey but very thick and healthy,nails you name it!! and above all foggi brain is GONE (I could not remember people's names) now I remember their phone numbers and last names. I am not kidding.The good stuff started happening about 2-4 months after taking large dose of Vit C and other supplements religiously. I detox my body often to avoid
My Orthomolecular Specialist was, all his professional life, prosecuted for standing against and criticizing  conventional approach to diseases of all kinds.Him (92 years old now) and DR Linus Pauling who lived to be 93 years old are pioneers of Vitamin C.
There are many others like them. I wish I could live that long. My neighbour is 96 years old and she is mobile and healthy because of Vitamins and good food she said.Hope  this is something worth to study.

His favourite saying:
""Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world."
- Linus Pauling

Sincerely, Sunes.

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if you try the products please let us know if they work. i am curious as well. i mean is it just snake oil or do the drug companies have the fda payed off?
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I have been taking 2g of ester vitamin C every day for the last 12 months. I feel much better, I hardly get any colds. I have been advised to take NADH as well to prevent cancer.  have also found that meditation and regular yoga has given me inner strength and positive approach
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I am currently using liquid zeolite that I am buying from USA. I believe that zeolite is not a cure for cancer, however it builds your immune system so that your own body can fight the disease. This is also for other diseases as well. My daughter is taking zeolite for her autoimmunie disease of ITP. I have don a lot of research on this product, and it is important that you take a zeolite that is backed my medical doctors and has written test results, which this one has...not just someone saying it is a good product. I have had a cluster of warts of my body for several months, and ALL treatments I have tried from the doctors have failed. The doctor told me that my immune system was just very low to fight this virus. So as well as taking the zeolite in water, I have applied a few drops 3 times a day on the cluster of warts, which were about 12 warts. After 12 days, the warts were completely gone and have never returned. This product is helping my immune system fight the virus itself, and I believe that this is the idea of zeolite. It is not a cure, but rather balances your immune system to fight diseases itself. You must do research and be careful which zeolite you take. Also, according the the doctors reports and audio tape I heard from these doctors, its takes approximately 10 years to get a drug approved by the FDA over in USA.  It also takes thousands and thousands of dollars. That is why this product is not sold as a drug yet, but I do understand that it is in the process of being approved by the FDA, but will still take several years. If you read testimonials on this product over the internet, you can see that people have given their experiences. The best thing I like about this product, is that it is also backed up by medical doctors and labratory test results on paper. Not all zeolites have these test results,so please research. I am not permitted to say the name of the product on here, but with good research you should be able to find it on the net.
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One thing I forgot to say as well..  The zeolite is like a detoxification to the system. It eliminates all the metals and toxins from the body, thus allowing your own immune system to work. When your immune system is overloaded with toxins and heavy metas, your body can no longer fight the disease, thus you get sick. I understand that zeolite detoxes your body from heavy metals and toxins, which then allows your own immune system to fight diseases, infections, viruses, etc as it should to.
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hi! I have recurrent ovarian cancer. I've taken nearly all available kinds of chemo and have to start all over again. Can you advise me the dose of the Vitamin C? I was told that too much of C create stones in kidneys. How do you take it?
I'd be grateful for your reply.
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Vit C can be   used alone as adjuvant alternative treatment to chemo OR used sinergistically with any chemo for OVCA or any cancer. It's a personal choice. I use my treatment for 20 months now and I am doing GREAT  taking into consideration that  my cancer is an aggresive one.
Vit C does not cause any kidney stones...quack watch is saying this  to tarnish the reputation of a reputable doctors who are using VitC.
If you need more info please write me  a PM.
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From cancer health watch.................

Oct. 1, 2008 -- Vitamin C supplements and chemotherapy aren't a good combination, says a team of New York researchers. Vitamin C reduced the effectiveness of many cancer drugs, they found in laboratory and animal studies.

"What we found is that vitamin C blunted the effectiveness of all the chemotherapy drugs we studied," says Mark Heaney, MD, PhD, associate attending physician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the study's lead author. "What vitamin C does is protect the cancer cells from the chemotherapy mainly by protecting their mitochondria [the cell's power sources]," he tells WebMD.

In the laboratory studies, he says, the vitamin C blunted the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs from 30% to 70%, depending on the dose of vitamin C and the chemo drug.

Vitamin C, Chemotherapy Debate
The question of whether vitamin C supplements help or harm cancer patients has been ongoing for more than a decade, Heaney says. Because vitamin C is an antioxidant, some researchers say it could help cancer patients by promoting general health and keeping cells healthy.

But some chemotherapy drugs produce "oxygen free radicals." The oxygen free radicals produced by the chemo drugs are meant to kill the cancer cells.

Under this theory, the vitamin C could soak up these free radicals instead and allow the cancer cells to survive.

Vitamin C, Chemotherapy Study Details
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Wow this is an old thread that got reactivated again!

The question on Vitamin C...your body is only going to absorb so much orally, so it's a mute question...unless it's the intravenous vitamin c (IVC) that you are probablly talking about (high dosage VC).  Like many other alternative / adjunct treatments, you are not going to find a completed, well established clinical trial on it.  You can find great claims on tumor regression or elimination to studies that show nothing happens.  I wish there would be a completed study on this to clear the air.

As far antioxidants, a 2007 study on the NIH website ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?Db=pubmed&Cmd=ShowDetailView&TermToSearch=17367938&ordinalpos=1&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum )  shows no drastic impact on chemotherapy when antioxidants were taken.  Like any study, you are going to find another study that disputes that.  

I can no longer find the article that talked about this, but antioxidants and chemo and the fear around it goes to an old article by a researcher that got blown up.  The study that vegas2cr posted was in vitro ("lab" / test tube style) and animal testing...hardly in vivo human studies like the 2007 study that only looked at human case reports.

The final word...there is no massive 'human' trial that has answered this yet, but much research shows that taking antioxidants (I'm not talking about IVC here) orally has not shown any affect on chemo.  So it's up to you (and your doctor) on what you want to do.  

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Hi I took zeolite and carnivora which are both sold by the companies in Alaska, they are very expensive and did ABSOLUTELY nothing!!!!!!  I think people like to prey on us, I have ovarian cancer stage 1c dx 10/05 it has come back every 10 months and i have done carbo/taxol x 9 lost my hair 2x severe neuropathy in hands & feet, then 7 doxil no help there either severe mouth sores (MAGIC MOUTHWASH)  rashes all over my body  i have done everything you can think of, i remain with the neuropathy in feet, bruising and my ca125 is 3,200 ! nothing on pet, cat scan, colonoscopy, mammo, mri brain, spine, lumbar pelvic MRI ..but i wanted you to know not to waste your $$ on zeolite
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