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Are these Symptos Worrisome?

I am so scared!  I feel bloated & pressure in my vagina.  Like I have to go to the bathroom all the time.  Stopped in to have urine checked for infection - NEGATIVE.  Made an appt. for next week with OBGYN - (I actually just went to have my "annual" pap smear 6 weeks ago & he felt the abdomen, etc. & all seemed fine then, but am going crazy with fear in the meantime.)  I've read these are definite symptoms of O.C. (can't even write the word).  Also I haven't menstruated for close to a year.  Dr. did blood tests and said I was menopausal.  I just turned 42.  I also am hypothyroid, but all the levels are fine with that now.  I do not have back pain, but the "funny feeling" in my vagina is too much to ignore.  Not to be gross, but it either feels very dry or when I push on it it feels better (not sexual) - just taking the pressure off.  When I have these frequent urination things, it's not like I urinate each time, I just feel that I have to go.  Can anyone help me?  Thank You!!
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the dryness in the vaginal area can be due to being menopausal.  the urge to urinate can increase due to menopause, too.  still, it merits another check with your doctor.
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My first thought actually went to the symptoms of menopause, too. Good you are on top of this, but I know that getting answers can be frustrating.

During menopause the progesterone is the first hormone to stop production due to the fact that you are no longer ovulating. This sets off estrogen dominance which has it's own list of symptoms. Then the estrogen levels fluctuate causing night sweats ...then  you get a decreased level of estrogen which causes many problems including hot flashes, brain fog, forgetfulness, irritabilty, and...urinary/vaginal atrogphy. The estrogen no longer replenishes this area and things can change dramatically. I have struggled with this for years, before my surgery for early stage ovarian cancer in 2000 and afterwards. Usually specific prescriptions of bioidentical hormones, specifically estriol placed vaginally a few times a week, helps this problem along with other bio hormones and recommendations from pharmacists and doctors who work with these issues.

I also take bioidentical hormones in the form of two other estrogens that I apply in a cream form, along with progesterone cream that I get with a prescription, and testosterone in a cream form. I use the lowest doses to get the best results.

I just did a saliva/blood test that showed that I am ok on estrogen, very low on progesterone, and have ok levels of testosterone but that the target tissues for testosterone are not taking in the testosterone thus causing mental lapses, loss of bone, low energy, increased allergy issues and chemical sensitivities (I have to beg my friends not to wear perfume), and finally, vaginal dryness and urinary problems. I am glad I know what is going on so that we can correct the problem. I put off having more and more invasive tests from the urologist so that I could see where my hormones were...Thyroid issues can go hand in hand with menopause, too, but I am not sure if that would be connected to a vaginal/urinary issue.

Well, I am responding with probably more than you wanted to know at this point! There are so many things that are affected by our hormones. I had absolutely NO idea.

I am not saying that in your case this is the problem, and it is so good you are asking questions, etc, but I thought it was a good chance to post on this.

I highly recommend the book, "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christianne Northrup, MD. It was published around the year 2000, and it has helped me immensely. She explains this passage very well, and understands the concerns us women have with both natural menopause and surgical menopause.

Take care and best of luck to you. Mary
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Those symptoms are also signs of an ovarian cyst. You do not have to be menstruating to get one. The odd pressure could mean there is a cyst pressing on the bladder. My cyst pressed on the bladder as well, so I was either going to the bathroom or feeling like I had to go nearly constantly, so I know kind of what you're talking about.
Your gyn will do a pelvic to see if he/she feels anything, but also ask for a transvaginal ultrasound. Sometimes cysts can't be felt because of their location (my gyn couldn't feel mine at any time prior to surgery, but the US showed that it was there)
Hang in there, and keep us posted!
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Welcome!  Ovarian cysts do cause pressure on other organs.  You would be wise in getting a 2nd opinion with a gyn/onc.  They are specialists and have seen everything.  Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, do not ignore your symptoms.  Get medical attention.  Just because the dr. could not feel the cyst doesn't mean it isn't there or that it does not need to be checked out further.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godpseed
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Thank you all so much.  It is now 3:07pm and I have been on this stupid computer all day.  My ovaries feel "crampy" too.  I have had that symptom off and on now for years, but attributed it to ovulation.  Now that I know I am not ovulating, I am worried.  I need to go now to try to get ready to go see Toby Keith tonight.....been waiting forever and a day to see him.  You'd think I'd be more excited, but in light of the way that I feel.......Thank you all again. I will pray for you too!!
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Enjoy the concert you lucky girl!!
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Thank all of you  once again.  I hope you are right regarding the menopause thing. My only "concern" is that I went through the menopause early!  Well, 41-42 is sort of early isn't it???? I mean it's okay other than my doctor did the LH & FSH tests 3 different times which showed I wasn't ovulating, but my concern is that he never really questioned WHY I went through it so early.  Is there an underlying problem that caused this (i.e. cancer??? I certainly hope not).  I am Hypothyroid & this has been untreated for years.  I do know that the two run hand in hand, however, when my menstration stopped, the doctor did NOT know about the thyroid issue & he never questioned anything.

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Hi - I went through early menopause, too.  I was completely done by around age 40.  It wasn't a slow process either - pretty speedy actually.  My doctor said it just happens to some people.  Didn't mind missing the monthly issue, but sure didn't like the hot flashes and weight gain!  Are you on HRT?
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Hi!  No HRT yet.  I'm looking into natural remedies first, but have an appt. with my GYNO next week to discuss options.  Thanks for the reply.  I am really trying to combat the weight gain (because I have the thyroid thing working against me too)by strict exercise & nutrition.  I am 5'8" tall and weigh 147lbs. which I'm told is very good for my height. I am rather obsessed with that part of it because I DO work so hard to keep the weight down since I've always had to do so all of my life.  Anyway, it's nice to hear that others go through these things too.  So far though, I have not had a hot flash that I know of.  I do have rather severe night sweats, & the weird thing is they usually occur AFTER my husband gets up for work 5am!  One would think they would happen when two bodies are in bed creating more heat?? Oh well.....
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Hi - I gave up on HRT.  Besides gaining weight every time I tried to take it, it gave me the worst PMS of my life!  That's on top of everything I had read about possible side effects.  So, I decided thanks, but no thanks!  Of course, more sleep WOULD be nice :)
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Sorry about the poorly edited paragraphs (mainly spelling mistakes)on that last post...celebrated my husbands 60th birthday on Saturday night...can that be my excuse? Kind of tired all day Sunday!

Take care, Mary
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Hi again,

Just wanted to clarify that my post refering to hormones refers to bioidentical hormones, or BHRT and not HRT, which most people are refering to when talking about hormonal therapy and these drugs are put out by the pharmaceutical company and are not bioidnetical hormones...so, yes, you get all the side effects, etc, with HRT that are not associated with BHRT if taken correctly as needed.

There is so much involoved here...I encourage a google search on bioidentical hormones vs. HRT, also the book I recommended amongst others. The things I take are not patented so there is not as much funding or incentive, particularly by the pharmaceutical companies to push them or to even research them. In fact, there is much misinformation out there in an attempt to have them banned...it gets me stirred up to say the least. My sister is a nurse and a nursing instructor and has taken these for ten years...I have for six years...they have given me a quality of life I didn't exptect to have...and, if I am not in balance with them, I can feel it. But when my progesterone, bio estrogen, and testostereone are balanced, I feel better than I did before I had my radical hysterectomy (for ovarian cancer). My oncologist got me started on them, btw.

Start with a compounding pharmacist if all else fails...they usually are very informed about these and can be helpful in giving names of doctors who understand them.

Good luck. Mary
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