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Are these symptoms of ovarian cancer

I posted this before with no answers but I have a little more to add. So I’ve been constipated for almost a month now. It started 3 weeks ago when I was only expelling small pebble pieces every other day then it kind of all came to a halt. I got my period as normal. I don’t have any pain. Maybe some gas pains but I do have a lot of bloating. The bloating goes down over night but as soon as I eat I get bloated again. I’ve always had issues with constipation even as a child and even in adulthood but it’s never been this bad or has gone on for this long. I don’t have an history of cancers on my mothers side but I don’t know about my fathers side as he died when I was a baby and I never met that side of the family. The main things worrying me is the complete halt of my bowels and the bloating. I have a desk job so I don’t get to move around much but I have been walking to work everyday. The only way I can use the restroom is with smooth move tea. I haven’t noticed any blood and I’m not nauseated or tired. I still have an awesome appetite. I do suffer with health anxiety and it’s rwally bad. Also I’ve been peeing more than usual and having to get up once in the middle of the night to go. I am 35 years old with one child. Trying to do home remedies first since I have no insurance. Can anyone advise thanks
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It sounds a lot more like IBS than ovarian cancer.  The appetite thing is the kicker--OVCA and MBOs kill your appetite, but not so with IBS.  Buy some insurance and go see a doctor--no matter how much the insurance costs it will be WAY cheaper than not buying it.
Thank you. I guess I have to stop letting my anxiety get the best of me because I have been worrying myself sick. Last week I didn’t have an appetite and it was all from worrying. I’m ok this week
Glad to hear you're doing better. Ovarian cancer is rare so chances are it wouldn't be that anyway.
It actually was just a really bad case of constipation. I swear I think everything wrong with me is cancer
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