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Are we Cyberpartyin'?

Good evening ladies.  Just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone.  Hope you all have had a great Saturday (and Sunday, depending on where you are).  I just finished weeding my garden, and now I'm off to Lowe's to check out the Gerber Daisies.  I decided I wanted to put some out on the deck.  To steal Meg Ryan's line in "You've Got Mail", daisies are such a happy flower!  Everyone take care, and maybe we'll be up for the hot tub a little later!

Gail :)
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Hello ladies!!  Well, I have decided that since I have been off of work for 3 weeks it is impossible to return back to work.  I believe I have what is known as Recoveryitis.  

Seriously though, I am thankful to be making a full recovery and all but I could REALLY get used to this not having to go work thing.

I will grill some chicken for tonight's festivities.
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Hello everyone!!  I'll be bringing a few dozen Maryland steamed bluecrabs!!!  Yummy!  Dig in.  I blending up a batch of margaritas, anyone ready??  \_/    \_/   \_/   \_/   \_/
Hot tub is ready too!!!
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Oh yummy!!!  I haven't had any crabs yet this year.  I will have a couple of crabs thank you.
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Greenthumbs.  I left work because of health problems. I still miss working with the public but boy did I settle in fast to being at home.  I always worked full time except for the 6 months I took off when I had my son.   I was afraid then that I would not want to go back but at that time in my life I was hanging from the rafters by my fingernails, after 6 months, saying get me back to work.  It took about 2 weeks to get used to the idea of not working this time but after that I never looked back. I stay in touch so I can go to retirement or transferring parties.  I catch up on whats happening with everyone then.  I am going out on the 15th to a dinner theatre for one of the lab ladies.  It is about 4 days before my surgery but I figured I could use the distraction and get in a really good meal before I start the bowel prep.  
I don't know how old you are but I was 48 when I left work.  A few years before I planned(our pension plan would have let me retire at 55 with full pension)  but I have managed to find lots to do at home.  Enjoy it while you can.
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Well, I'm back from picking out my flowers.  Should have known by this time of year, the daisies would be picked over.  But I picked up a few anyway, and hope to "nurse them back to health."  I went for a pot of the standard Petunia's too.  There isn't much of anything you can do to kill off a Petunia, so that's the flower for me!  I also got another pot of Basil mixed with Oregano.  Oh, the smell!!  Every time I go to a garden store, I end up with another pot of basil.  Can't help it....I LOVE it.  I'm hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, so I'll be making tomato sauce out the you-know-what.  

I had a rough time going back to work, too.  I took off 7 weeks, because I wanted at least two chemo sessions under my belt to get a good idea how hard it was going to be.  I work at a hydro-electric plant as the administrative officer.  I am the only female there (which I love, by the way), but most of the time, I am in the office by myself.  My boss had just been transferred the week before I returned to work, and there were several projects going on that kept the other guys busy down in the plant.  So the first day back, I sat in my office all alone, crying my eyes out!  I had gotten so used to being around people while I was off...plus the nasty side-effects of chemo were kicking in, and I HATED being there.  I came home after 4 hours and cried all day, and all night.  Talk about unhappy.  I had to force myself to go back every day, and ended up on an antidepressant.  I found out a few weeks later that the foreman had told the guys to stay out of my office because he was afraid they'd make me sick since I was on chemo.  I appreciated the gesture, but man, did it make for a miserable come-back!  It eventually got better, but did not fully return to normal until I finished chemo.  Now, I actually look forward to going to work again.  It helps that I work with the greatest bunch of men ever, though.  The agency I work for also has federal police, and they offered to come get me and take me home if I ever had a day I felt especially bad.  The guys also gave me my own parking space by the building with my name on it, and took up a big collection for me at Christmas because they knew I was going to have to meet my insurance deductible again in January, and would have pharmacy bills, too.  

Anyway, I'm rambling here, but I really hope those of you who are going back to work, or have already gone back work with a great group of people.  It really makes the whole experience so much easier.

Gail :)
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Hope it's ok to join the party.  It's lightly raining here with a few thunder rumblings in the distance.  I love the sounds of early morning summer thunderstorms.  Had a cup of java on the deck and everything smells so fresh and clean.

I can relate to the stories about work.  I retired from being a nurse 4 years ago at age 48.  It wasn't for health reasons; I just thought after 23 years it was time to hang it up.  I really missed my colleages and the patients but before I knew it, I was completely immersed in other activites around the house.  I started to volunteer a few years ago and now am just as busy as I was when I was working.  But since I've been sick, I am thankful I don't have the responsibility of a job.  There was no way I could work while going through my chemo; I just had too many complications.  My hat's off to you ladies who were able to work while going through the "poison factory"!
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     Sunday night here in Minnesota and just returned from the lake.  I neglected to email that I would be gone and was glad to see you started Cyber Party anyway Gail!  Lake Stella was georgeous with the Loons serenading us night and day!  I took the Christy out first thing to tour Lake Stella in style!  Christy is our new 22 foort pontton boat and we have more fun with her!  Tried fishing this AM but windy again and enjoyed the scenary more than the fishing as we got skunked!  Oh well, any excuse to take out the Christy!  
      Brenda!  so you work in the former "men's world too"!  I am not at all surprised at the care your Brothers took of you!  I have worked in nothing but the "womans's frontier" and have found the best bunch of Guys everywhere!  From an AF flightline to a classroom on the bleeding edge of Telecom!  Not nurturing  by nature they seem to "get it" when there is a group of them!  (They are also terrified of anything that may include a woman's hormones!  Guarentees privacy when you most need it!)  Looks like it was a good party even if yall pooped out long before the hot tub!  I managed to make the nursury when we got home from the lake and plan to put in my annuals throughout the week!  The gardening talk earlier gets my blood going!  Can't wait to get them all in!  I know what you mean about petunias Gail, I have a penchant for season long blooming too!  I picked up my favorite, begonias, today along with New Guinie Impatients, and coleus in various tones as well as my border accents and vinca vines to trellace over the raised stone beds I built years ago.  Gardening is new to me as of about eight years ago but I love it!  You started it Gail, getting talking about it I mean.  Only those of us who love digging in the dirt do really get it!  Have a great week my Cysters! Hmmmm, hot tub souds good about now! MV
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