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Ascites 1 month post surgery ca125 of 5000

I am 51 years old had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and ascites in 2012 did the emergency surgery Total abdominal hysterectomy and debulking ca125 of 800 .It lowered down to 200 post surgery .Started with chemo 3 weeks later (taxol & carbo) for 4 months My doctor put me on Avastin for maintenance but it didn't work form me cause my bp got elevated so decided to stop it .I was doing well for a year and a half and my CA125 stays below 10 digits.But when I get scanned the result showed lesion in the lining of my liver and kidneys.My oncologist started me on Doxil and it worked great for me my CA125 stay stable for six months but then my CA125 started rising so I had my ct scan and found out that I had a small tumor on the previous site of my previous surgery.The nurse said its a slow growing one I can still go on with my trip but I started to doubt because my ca 125 is rising fast.By the time my oncologist got sick and left all his patients so I had to find another one .The waiting to see another one worries me because it will delay my treatment.I finally got in to her and started me on Gemzar And carbo and it worked amazing at the first 2treatments.My CA125 drop from 800 to 165 but then while I'm on my treatment my ca125 starts rising instead of going down.Did the scan after and the 5 nodules are gone except for the tumor that keeps getting bigger fast so I had an explor lap to remove the tumor plus part of my intestine that's touching it .My oncologist wants me to start on Doxil 2weeks after surgery to stop the growth of microscopic cancer cells .3weeks later my abdominal wall it's still sore ,the nurse said its my healing is slow because my body didn't have time to recuperate .(chemo,surgery,& another chemo).A month later my abdomin starts distending ,went to see my doctor and she ordered abdominal ultrasound and possible paracenthesis but found out there's no fluid in there .I was so persistent that something's not functioning right on my abdomin went to my doctor again and order a ct can found out she said that it's not cancer that's causing the distention cause the ct scan is fine .She said its gas ,take semithecone but my abdomin is very distended and its to hard to eat.One day I got a call from my oncologist and told me she got bad news my CA 125 is 5000 after my first chemo of Doxil .She said the drug isn't working .I got freaked out ..I asked her if there's any more drug that's going to work for me she said she has 2 drugs that I can try ...I will see her tomorrow to discuss ..but right now I am so depressed ..I felt that I'm dying already and there's no more hope for me out there ..
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The big belly with gas or constipation is very common with OC.
I went to get drained last month and they found nothing. Mine is constipation. I take Milk of Magnesia three times day. Constipation is one of the main issues.

OC is a chronic cancer meaning most women are constantly  in treatment. I call it the whack a mole cancer. The chemo knocks it back and then it pops up some where else. Small tumors are normal. This is not a cancer you cut it out, do chemo and then you are done. It does happen but not as often.
I heard about a lady the other day who had done 16 different treatments.

Women can live a long time with treatment.

Have they suggested an immunosuppressant trial to you? My doctor wanted me to but I have MS and they would not take me. I was diagnosed stage 4 in May 2012. I stopped treatment in February because my cancer is very widespread. CTs a month apart showed tumors doubling then doubling again.

CA 125's are not something I would worry about. The scans are more important. If they see little tumors that is normal. I started out with cancer in 16 places. The Doxil knocked all back. Then Doxil stopped working. Some women's CA 125 are higher than others with small amounts of cancer.

Since I have had cancer I spent three weeks in Europe and have taken many smaller trips close to home. I have ridden in a open **** pit plane. I ride a horse. I adopted a Dalmatian puppy two years ago.My doctors tell me to do fun stuff.

Sorry you are losing your oncologist. I am on my third. My first was in a rock and roll band and was making a CD, was touring, and making a movie. He had no time to see me. The second wanted to tell me what to do with no question at all. I love my third doctor. She answers my question happily.

I am the only one on this forum. There is OCFRA and team inspire. There are many women on that site. I am compressor over there.

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