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Awaiting Support since 2 weeks - Malignant Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma of Ovary Grade 2

Dear doctor,

making a copy paste of my previous post...the current position is that 1st cycle of chemo was completed with lot of side effects and twice infection attack...scheduled for for second chemo in twn days time...

my earlier post which went unanswered,

My sis-in-law aged 31 with 8yrs old daughter recently diagnosed with Ovarian mass of huge size (15cms) on left ovary which was undetected so far but after she went to consult doctor for her delayed periods and during ultrasound this was found. and after oncologyst's advice CT had taken which showed this cyst and doctor immedately advised for CA125 and were found value of 18 and then he advised for surgical removal of cyst/ovary...surgery was performed 15 days ago and the mass was removed along with left ovary and nothing else was removed. the mass was so huge and i personally carried it to pathology division. meantime she was discharged from hospital as the doctor said this seems to be of a ovarian cyst only. after a week the pathology results showed  "Malignant ovarian Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of Grade 2". on consultation Doctor informed us that no need to panic as he never saw any cancer roots during surgery and to make sure he informed us to have one round of chemo ( ie, six cycles with each every month) he also advise to contact a chemotherapy doctor for administering this thro' vein as out patient...now the lady doctor has prescribed us to buy chemo shots (1st cycle) using the combination of Carboplatin & Taxol (Paclitaxel).

My question is, whether my sis-in-law id in a safe side or she still in a danger of cancer and the grade seems to be cautioning...we're confused both about the cancer and also about the side effects...as she is very week and afraid, can you let me know about the stage she is in and also on the side effects of chemo...sorry for bothering you with huge write-up...we're from india and would appreciate your immediate advice on this plzzz?

best regards,

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Dear Siva
thank you for your question
where do you live?

In general, the recommendations that your sister received are the standard of care for ovarian cancer.
The primary treatment is surgical removal followed by chemotherapy. The standard chemotherapy is to use 2 drugs carboplatin and taxol and to give 6 individual treatments.

mucinous tumors are a subtype of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC)

here is an abstract summary from this link:

Mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer (mEOC) accounts for approximately 10% of EOCs. Patients presenting with early-stage disease have an excellent prognosis, however, those with advanced disease have a poor outcome with relative resistance to standard ovarian cancer chemotherapy. Molecular and genetic studies demonstrate differences between mucinous and serous EOC supporting the concept that these tumors develop along separate pathways. Together with the observed differences in clinical behavior and outcome for mEOC, there is a need to develop specific therapeutic strategies for this histologic subtype. The relative rarity of advanced mEOC has resulted in few patients enrolled in major ovarian cancer trials. The results of such trials may not necessarily reflect those specific to mEOC. Separate trials testing alternative chemotherapeutics are required. Metastatic mucinous tumors from other sites such as the gastrointestinal tract may present with ovarian involvement. For all mucinous tumors of the ovary, establishing primary as opposed to metastatic cancers is important. Clinical presentation, tumor markers, histologic, and immunohistochemical features are helpful in distinguishing most cases.

basically confined tumors have a good prognosis. Tumors that have spread are not very sensitive to chemotherapy.
At the completion of your sister's chemotherapy, the standard approach is check ups with exams and blood work every 3 months.

CA 125 is not a good marker. CEA may be a better marker.

I do know how frightening and hard this road is. Your sister is lucky to have you as an advocate.
best wishes
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