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B17 vitamin

Has anyone heard of the vitamin B17 "cure for cancer" ? anyone tried it? What have we got to lose?
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I just reado something on that the other night. We should look more into it. Also there is a book called "Cancer Free" written by a Bill Henderson I heard was real good. Something about organic 1% cottage cheese and 6 tbs flaxseed oil, blue berries and stevia sweetner first thing in the morning every morning???  Maybe we should post see if anyones tried it? Also hae heard of Cats claw, shark cartiledge, Ginsing, Ginger root powder it says it makes cancer cells commit suicide, GRAVIOLA, and SELENIUM are really important natural treatments. So much!!!! Im juicing my mom with carrot juice, giving her acai, blueberry, all berrys and making smoothies.
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Sloan Kettering hospital maintains a database of herbal, traditional and nutritional cures for cancer I think this is the link :


I really love a book called Anti-Cancer: A new way of Live which you can get on amazon...the author is a survivor and a doctor and he's done his homework
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If there was a miracle cure, I am sure your doctor would prescribe it.  Please do not fall for any hoaxes.  There are many who will prey on vulnerable cancer patients and give false hope for profit.
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I absolutely, completely and totally agree with Sharon!.

It makes me crazy when someone tries to sell a book, or product for "a miracle cancer cure!"

We're all so desperate to live, and be healthy, that it makes us vulnerable to trying anything.

Remember, always check with your doctor before taking, OR giving any herbs or supplements to a cancer patient, some of them can interfere with chemo drugs.
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I totally agree with Sharon and Jane ...

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