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Hi Everyone... I found the following article in our newspaper today. Sounds very promising for our daughters and grand-daughters. A little too late for us, but well worth it, if we can prevent this wretched cancer taking future generations..


Hoping everyone is feeling well today, and the sun is shining in your part of the world.....hugs...Helen....
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Thanks for the article...good to see you posting....hope you are well.  

I read the article and there was one paragraph that I had to keep re-reading....another reason to feel this disease does not get the coverage that it should...the article was about ovarian cancer, and they couldn't get it straight (hehe)

***As the new test has not achieved a 99 per cent success rate, it cannot be rolled out as a community screening program for cervical cancer in the same way mammograms are used for breast cancer. *****

(they say cervical instead of ovarian)

Let's hope that this blood test can eventually detect OvCa early....it would be a major breakthrough.
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Hi Pam... yes, I looked at that too.... a slip of the tongue eh? But isn't that typical.... OvCa is just not the 'flavour of the month'... not yet anyhow. I thought it was a positive move in the right direction though, and much needed. Hopefully they will eventually get the 99% success rate needed, and can then get on with screening for all women.
I've just had a scan a couple of weeks ago... a couple more little spots in the abdomen, but the vitals are still clear, so no grizzles here. I'm doing Doxil fortnightly at the minute, so hoping for some good results soon.
Thanks for your note. I don't know if too many take us Aussies seriously... I think they hear too many stories about the kangaroos hopping down our city streets... *laugh*....
I hope you are feeling fine, and the weather is nicer there now. We have just started Winter, so it's a little cooler at the moment.... hugs...Helen...
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dont worry/// i take you very seriously..forget that aussie stuff.

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