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BRCA 1 & 2

My mom was diagnosed with stage 1C ovarian cancer. Very lucky it was caught in the early stages. Should I get the BRCA 1 & 2 test to see if I possibly have the gene??

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Best wishes to your mom, and how awesome that it was caught so early!  If you have a family history of  cancers, especially breast and/or ovarian on your Mom's side , then you should talk to a genetic counselor.  They will meet with your  Mom to determine who was affected, what type of cancer, age of diagnosis, etc...  If there is a history, they will test your mom to see if she is positive. If she is , then they would test you.  BRCA1 and 2 are the only gene mutations they can test for, but they know there are other genetic causes.  My mom was negative but based on family history, the Drs believe it it definitely genetic.  What I found unbelievable, was that if my mom was positive, I would have had a MUCH greater chance of getting breast cancer than ovarian!  Based on our family history, even though my mom tested negative, I am considered high risk and get extra check ups (breast and pelvic sonograms) through out the year and a CA-125.  Gives me a little peace of mind. Best wishes!
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I attended a lecture the other night about GYN Cancers, and one of the things that they did speak about was BRCA testing.....does anyone know what BRCA stands for....Breast Cancer....so the genetic mutation they are looking for is for breast cancer but have found that it can also be mutated in OvCa patients...but, this is not the only gene that can cause OvCa to be hereditary, they do not know the other genes yet.
They also say that the average age in being diagnosed with the disease is 61 and when it happens younger, there is more of a chance that it is genetic vs random.
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Yes, they will test mom, but probably insurance won't cover it for you unless she gets a positive.  I was tested several months ago and was negative.  My ovca is genetic, just not the same as the brca 1 & 2 kinds.  My mom had the exact cancer as mine and it is also likely my grandma and great grandma had it too.  Their diagnosis was just metastic cancer.  I know it is in my genes somewhere.  Marie
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Better for mom to get tested first I've heard.
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