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Back, left side and takes my breath away...

I'm waiting for my Pap, Vaginal and Pelvic US results... which is this Friday.  Right around the holidays I developed a really bad back pain and couldn't control my bladder.  I had to buy the "special pads" to wear all the time, cuz I didn't think I would make it to the restroom in time....and a lot of times I didn't.  My supervisor gave me a bit of a hard time and I told him that I didn't have the "option" of pinching it off!!! LOL  The doctor first treated me for a kidney infection, saying that was the reason for the back pain.  I have never had a kidney infection, let alone a UTI.  The urine smelled bad too...so maybe it was.  Well the pain continued on in my back and then I started having really, really bad pain on the left side.  So bad that I would double over...stopping me in my tracks!  I was at a gem show and could hardly stand up or walk six feet w/o doubling over.  And as fast as it came on, it would go away and then return.  I walked like I had a broom up my butt.
I went back to the doc who then ordered the tests.  Unfortunately they sent me to some OBGYN that is at a Family Planning Clinic and he was rude.  He hurt me while doing the speculum and then had this nasty attitude when I DIDN'T scream out when pushing on my lt. side.   I told him that I was still hurting from the first pain he caused me.  He did order the US's but never requested the follow up exam.  His staff told me that they never rec'd the results and the radiology center told me that they had them sent over the same day.  So I called my regular doctor and he will handle the results with me and anything else that needs to be done.  

I still have the pain and can feel a mass on my left side, even though I'm very overweight.  I know my body really well and that wasn't there before.  Like many others, I have had this extreme FATIGUE issue where I want to sleep 24/7.  I have fallen asleep at work, which is not a good thing and I can be reprimanded for it.  I usually end up sleeping on one of my days off and I have no energy to do anything.  Today was an exception.  I didn't go out until later, but I slept in til 10am.  It's not the same fatigue that I feel after working.....it's so different.  One night I didn't think I was going to make it home...it's an hour drive for me and it seemed to take me days to get home.  I've also experience the nausea/vomiting and feeling of fullness and not wanting to eat.  

Anyone have any helpful hints?? Thanks
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I guess I am confused, have you had the tests?  If yes, are you seeing a Dr tomorrow to go over them?  Get copies of all your diagnostic tests and if you have an ovarian cyst ask for a referral to a Gyn/Onc.  One of the presenting symptoms of problems can be loss of bladder control.  When you had bladder control loss, was there pain and burning?  Fatigue goes with a number of problems however you have a number of symptoms to be worked up for ovarian cysts/cancer.  Push the physicians, for answers.  Let them know you know all the presenting signs of ovarian cancer and they should also.  Get your reports.  Keep us posted.  
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I saw my Doc today to go over the tests.  He was a bit confused on why I was there and not with the gyno that I was referred to.  I told him about how I will never go there again, after being treated in such a rude way and the fact that they didn't follow thru with anything.  In fact, they still had not sent the Pap results to my doc. Sheesh.  The US results show that I have a 2.5 cm fibroid in the uterus and a 6.5 cm cyst on the left ovary.  He said that it was most likely "polycystics"?  I said I didn't care what it was, that it had to come out.  I told him that it was so bad one day, that I just wanted to reach up there and yank everything out.  I can't live like that.  I can't be having that kind of pain and be driving, or dispatching or out walking.  I told him all my symptoms and how bad they've been.  So he's going to order some more tests and refer me to a different gyno.  I told him that I wanted the CA125, even though it could be a false positive.  His remark pissed me off...."just to give you piece of mind."  I just developed the gas thing....I could clear a room.
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Go to the emergency room complain and tell the doctor about the tests you had done
Tell them they haven't done a cat scan of your abdominal area.  This test will show
what is going on and you will know what is going on with your body.
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every now and then i get a large lump in my abdominal area which becomes very painful the lump becomes large and hard i thought it may be a hernia but i dont know i dont have a regular doctor but i need to know what the pain is it's so unbearable i cant move please help.

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