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Battle Plan!

The recurrence also meant that the CA-125 is sensitive to the cancer. My mum felt that something was 'not right' with her body in November although she could not pinpoint what was wrong with her. That time, her CA-125 crept up to 18 from her normal 12-13 CA-125 score. The creep, with the benefit of hindsight, meant that the remnants of her cancer cell probably are acting up although the CT-scan showed nothing. With the 3 tumors, her CA-125 has now jumped to 28.

After discussing with the doctor on the possible chemo drugs, we have agreed to use new drugs to combat the cancer. Carboplatin/Taxol, while useful the first time round, probably isn't as effective as we want since the cancer recurred 9 months later. There are 8 drugs for us to choose from. In the end, the doctor recommended using the gemzar/navelbine combination. My mum would be starting the chemo next week if her surgery wound has healed by then. I am really glad that my mum's insurance policy would pay out for any chemo drugs used as long as they are prescribed by an oncologist.

This oncologist is a new oncologist as my mum's original oncologist had left the hospital. I am really glad that he has taken his time to explain the battle plan and I certainly learnt quite a lot from him. He had explained to use not only why he picked these drugs but how they should be administered to minimize the side-effects. He had also explained to us the differences 'conventional' treatment vs the 'new' treatment and how he would be tweaking the administration of the drugs according to his timetable, something he pioneered. I am not sure whether this is true, he told us that any single chemo drug has only 20% chance of them working. So by combining the 2 drugs, you have a 40% chance of  them working. He had initially wanted to try 3 drug combination (60% chance) but decided to 'keep' the option later if the current drug combination did not work

My mum is quite depressed over the recurrence but we are optimistic we would have a fighting chance to control if not exterminate the cancer. I am really apprehensive about the side-effects since I have read so many bad experiences with this combination. My mum has been really 'lucky' since she hardly had any side-effects (other than depression) the last time she had chemo.
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Gee...I re-read my own post and some parts seemed to get cut off!

In short, my mum's cancer return after 9 blissfull month of remission. We are still reeling from the bad news but is hopeful of the future.
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Pink, it sounds like you have a very caring oncologist on the team.  I do hope this combination will do the trick.  My thoughts and prayers are with your Mom.
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Hi Pink, I'm really sorry to read this.  You mom's new ONC sounds like a good one.  I'm glad he is so attentive with the details.  That is important.  Stay strong and you most definitely have prayers coming your way.

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I will be praying for your Mum Pink, Im sorry she has to do battle again. You are both in my thoughts.

Love Angie
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Pink, I 'm sorry to hear this news.. but it sounds as though your mom is  in really good hands. Let me join with the others in wishing only good things for you and your mom.

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Thank you for all your comments. We are trying to put this news aside for a little while. We are celebrating my mum's birthday this Saturday. Hopefully, this time the chemo combination would work.
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Hello, Pink.  I can certainly understand why your mom is "depressed".  She has good reason to be, however, there are lots of good meds out there to help her with that.  I really believe that laughter is one of the reasons I am still here.......I looked for things to make me laugh and I mean I looked at and for things that were classy to plain old stupid!    I just wanted to laugh and there were times I laughed so hard I had to change my jeans!   That helps with depression, too.
Please talk with your mom's onc so he knows how depressed she is.....he needs to perscribe something......it will take at least a month to tell the difference; but, it is definately worth it.
I am so glad your mom has you looking out for her.  Make certain you take care of you because if you dont, she will have to worry about you (not taking care of herself) and you won't be able to care for her.
Give your mom my best and take care.
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