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I know you're probably in the hospital right now but be assured that I'm thinking of you. They'll get that cyst (2 cm complex) out of there and you'll feel so much better. You'll be resting a lot for the first few days but I hope you'll pop in with the results. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

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Just  to wish you a speedy recovery !!  

   Best wishes Angie
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Hoping you're up and around soon!!Regarding the "Pain" .. when I had my cyst out, I was also told that the pain didn't really have anything to do with the ovary..but how strange-----once the recovery from the laparoscope was over and the ovary removed in my case,  the pain miraculously has disappeared. And.. this is a wonderful Dr. that I really respect . Go figure.. Let us know how you're doing !!

Take care, Sandy
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Hi Bella - wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery. With love, Deandrda
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