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Best Clinical Trial for Recurrent Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

I have platinum sensitive recurrent Stage IV ovarian epitelial cancer.  I am also positive for a deleterious BRCA2 gene mutation.  There are three clinical trials available to me: a Phase I PARP Inhibitor + Carboplatin Trial, A Phase II Carboplatin + Gemcitabine + Avastin Trial, and a Phase I Carboplatin + Doxorubicin + MORAb-003 Trial.  All are non-randomized.  I would really appreciate any thoughts anyone may have on the potential benefits of the various approaches.  I need to make a decision quickly.  Thank you.
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I'm in the same situation you are, I'm staged 4B epithelial OVCA with mets. to the lymph nodes, and i'm also BRCA2 positive.

I've done debulking surgery,  carbo/taxol, Topotecan and now I'm on Gemzar. The only remission I've had was 4 months after carbo/taxol.

What chemo drugs have you already had, and why did your oncologist suggest you do one of the trials now?

I hope you get lots of responses, it will help all of us in this unfortunate situation.
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I have reading  that PARP inhibitor drug olarparib research is very promising, see the link http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8116790.stm. Also you may check member profile Burrows, who have been in this treatment for 2 years
My best whishes
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