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Big Conference in San Antonio

There was a big conference in San Antonio this past weekend.   For ovca.....   I hope the Dr's came back with some new med's etc. for us.
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I think the discussions from San Antonio will show up on line ... I looked at the conference info.  Try this site:  http://www.sgo.org/

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I would like to get those e-mails!  I am definately interested if it isn't too much work.
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Do you have any way to find out what was discussed?  You seem to research all the conferences for OvCa...would you be interested in some emails discussing ongoing research in the field?  My Oncologist at home signed me up for a "peer" website so I could do some of my own research.  He signed me up as a medical student studying Oncology (LOL!) so I would qualify to be on the email distribution list.  I didn't receive anything for about 6 months, but since the first of the year, I have been getting the emails 5 days a week.  Not all of the info pertains to OvCa, but some of it does.  I'd be glad to send them along if you're interested.  

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