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Birth Control Pills and Ovarian Cysts

I had a baby born in September last year. I had bloodcount done in  May, came back me being anemic and I'm on iron supplement.  Also, I  had history of hypothyroidsm in the past, surgery done and back to normal even during pregnancy. Stopped breastfeeding for about a month now.
I had 5 weeks of bleeding that started in April, 3 weeks clear and then over 2 weeks of heavy bleeding and spotting again. That's how I found out I have ovarian cyst, 3cm. left ovary in May. Started taking birth control pill (alleesee) in June so this is just fairly recent. I was in between heavy and moderate bleeding  the last 2 periods but took Ibuprofen since I was hunched over in pain. My questions are:  What is a reasonable amount of time to be on the pill in the hopes that it will help get rid of the cyst and for it to be effective in reducing/stopping  dysmenorrhea?  One of my concerns is that I'll be on the pill longer than I should be and then find out later that my cyst would turn out to be malignant. The surgery is also a concern because of my baby and returning back to work.  Another concern is that the clottings from my period lately looked like "old blood" almost brownish-pale as opposed to the very bright red that I had them in the past.  Would it have something to do with me still  being anemic? I've been on iron supplement for about 2.5 months now and have been trying to eat healthier food that is rich in iron.

Thank you very kindly for your input.  It's very much appreciated.
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You had a baby and then breast fed for about 7 months. Now you are having irregular bleeding. A small cyst was found on your ovary.
When a woman breast-feeds, this turns off your normal menstrual cycle. As a result most people do not have periods while they are breast-feeding. When you stop breast-feeding, it may take your body a few months to start cycling regularly. What that means is that you have the normal feedback between your brain and your ovary. Your brain produces hormones (gonadotropins
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ps.  i'm sorry if my questions seem trivial.  i'm just trying to take this one situation at a time. thanks again.
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your questions are not trivial at all! My goodness, your body has just gone through one of the biggest changes a body can go through. I hope all works out. take care
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