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Bladder pressure and frequency

I have been having problems for over 10 years in regards to ovarisn cysts. I now only have my right ovary. I have had a cyst with calcification for 6 years that has remained stable. They don't want to operate again because of scar tissue and the ovary is cemented to a main artery. About 6 months ago I started having pain so I had a ft scan and a ultrasound. There were no changes and the pain went away. 2 weeks ago I started having to wake up at night to pee and now I have pressure, bloating, and cramping which gets worse with eating or drinking.  I don't have a bladder infection and now I'm scheduled for another ct scan on Friday and a cystology next Wednesday. I also alternate between constipation and diareah so I have an appt in 3 weeks to get a colonoscopy. I'm just scared that this is all ovary related. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Sounds like they are doing all the right tests. I guess it is a wait and see situation. Unless you have the BRCA mutation you onlt have a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in a life time. I am having the peeing poblem but I think it comes with age I am 52.

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