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Bleeding non-stop period.

lm very concerned l am a 41 year old australian female and l was born and bred in an area with oil refinaries and other factorys now the females around my suburb are sueing shell because we all cant have kids and have health problems please can someone tell me what this has done to my body l have been getting these periods that can last for more than 2 weeks at a time and l have to change a thick tampon every 15 minutes lm so lucky l havent died from loss of blood yet as my face is pale white and l lose so much weight and end up so weak l have to sleep so much l have been to the doctors and they tell me this is normal cause of what has happened to me and they prescribed these pills to me to ease the blood flow l was going to get a hystorectomy but my mates that have had one told me not to as they have heaps of problems what should l do about this my period started at 14 and it has always been very heavy but not this heavy before and my periods are always late by weeks l have also been told that females that are born with large uteruses end up having heavy periods is this true please please some one help me as lm very worried and the doctors in perth western australia are not good help at all.

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I really can't comment with regard to how your enviroment is directly affecting your overall health but I can make some suggestions on how to proceed with regard to your extended heavy periods. My wife was in pre-menopause and thus her periods became very irregular down to only a few a year. She started having heavy prolonged vaginal bleeding with no other symptoms. She had a transvaginal sonogram which showed a complex solid cyst/mass on her ovary.  I then had her see a gyn/oncologist who orderd a battery of blood work specifically CA125, CEA and Inhibin A&B. These blood tests are not definitive for any diagnoses but are used as guides to aide or guide the Dr  forward for further work up.
I would reccomend that you see your GYN and at the very least have a transvaginal sonogram, blood tests CBC and complete chemistry panel along with the blood tests I mentioned above. Be your own advocate and unfortunately you have to be agressive. Get copies of ALL your tests as you are intitled to them. Post with results and if you have any further questions
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Tonite my fiance wanted me to help him light up the outside pilot light to the hot water service and he wanted me to light up a rolled up newpaper it kept blowing out and he got pissed off and punched me on the leg he has never been violent towards me before we have been together for 11 years he has had a heart attack and then a stroke and a part of his brain is dead due to the stroke others have noticed he is getting bad his attitude ect he wont go to the doctors and is only taking asprin and plavix he spose to have other meds but is not taking them what am l suppose to do about this lm scared that he might lose it one day and smash me l dont want this to happen as lve been in very bad relationships in the past where blokes have done this what can l do please help me:(
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