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Bloating and indigestion

How, exactly, does ovarian cancer cause bloating (intestinal distention) and indigestion?  I've read that these can be symptoms, but I'm not sure how ovarian cancer can cause them.  Can you explain this for me?

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Hello....The distention is from fluid.  The fluid is called Acites.  The indigestion comes from the fluid surrounding all your digestive organs. You will have a very "full" feeling.  You can google acites and you will find diseases that cause the fluid including ovarian cancer.  It is the disease.  My father had cirrhosis and had acites.  He's since had a transplant.  Trauma can also cause fluid.  I'm guessing that the fluid is the way the body handles trauma, cancer, cirrhosis etc.  Hope this helps....Cindy  
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I'm familiar with ascites, but how does it cause distention inside your intestines?  For example, I can feel gas trapped inside my intestines and can actually move it with my fingers.  My belly has not gotten larger nor have my clothes gotten tighter, thank goodness!  ;)

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It is not in your intestines, it surrounds them including all your organs.  The distention comes from the fluid that builds up.  I'm glad you only have gas.
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Ascites can be one of the causes, but not the only cause. The indigestion could be caused by the cyst.  I was stage 1A, and had all of the symptoms...I also had very large masses.  There are also women that have cysts that experience indigestion that do not have OvCa.
I think that if they really knew the cause, they would know alot more about this disease.
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My wife also was dx with a rare BC mets to the adominal liner. This was found with a lapascopy. Nothing showned up on the PET scan nor all the CT scans. The biopsy was er+HER2 +3 lobular. Currently she is on Aromasin and we are waiting to see if it is working. She has a lot of aceties now. An attempt to extract fluid failed. We are checking to see if the HIPEC (hyperthermic perinetonal chemotherapy) might be a possibility.

How was your met to the liner dectected? Did you have a biopsy? What treatment have you had?

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I didn't have aceties. I had a huge tumor (7.5 pounds). My guess is that the tumor caused my stomach to be pushed up and the opening to the esophagas to stay open. I had never had much indigestion before, but I got to the place where I couldn't eat anything other than cereal, yoghurt and cottage cheese.
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