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I posted a couple of days ago about my mum going into hospital on saturday. She has reoccured in the past and went in hospital with a tummyache.
Anyway, they think she has either a twisted bowel or a bowel blockage. Her CA125 is 300.
Her Dr wants to operate and start chemo. What I can't understand is why she has been going to the toilet fine and passing wind. Her X ray on saturday didn't show this problem where as the one done on Monday did.

Has anyone else experienced bowel problems?
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Hi - when my mom was first diagnosed in Feb 09 she had bowel problems after the first surgery.  Her bowel was encased with cancer and when she came home from surgery (probably after all the moving things around in there) she got really sick, throwing up, etc and had several bowel obstructions.  We were told it was being caused by the cancer pushing on the outside of the bowel.  She couldn't eat or drink or hold anything down.  We then took her to a local hospital because she was really bad, dehydrated, etc and they ended up putting a G tube for drainage into her stomach with a bag connected to the outside.  This allowed her to drink (not eat) and it would just pass through the stomach into the bag.  We had to hook her up to TPN and feed her intravenously at home every night, this went on for about 4 months.  After several chemo treatments and the tube being infected a few times, they took it out and didn't need it again.  She is now able to eat whatever she wants and is doing great.  Her CA level is down to 13 and she had a scan that didn't show any new tumors - she has a doc apt friday to find out if they want to do anymore treatments or if she can finally get a break.

That is probably more information than you wanted to hear/know, but a lot of times with Ovarian Cancer, the bowel is affected but surgery can help take out the bad part of the bowel and reconstruct it or maybe even more chemo will help
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