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Breast lump update

Hi guys, saw the breast specialist today and she did an ultrasound on the "lumpy" area. It turned out to be a cyst and she aspirated it. It is gone! YIPPEE!

Thanks to all who supported me thru this one.

Linda J
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Hah!  I TOLDYA SO!! Anyway, I'm thrilled your outcome was as everyone predicted. Below I've copied and pasted my response of some weeks ago to another lady who asked about spinal anesthesia. I hope it gives you the information you need.

I'm absolutely in favor of the spinal anesthesia! Actually, it's not an epidural like the one given for childbirth or a C-section. Instead, your spinal anesthesia will keep your lower body pain free for up to 48 hours. At the same time the anesthesiologist ALSO will keep you sedated with IV meds, so you are completely unaware of anything going on in the OR. In other words, you are NOT awake!

When you are in the pre-op area, the nurse will start an IV in the back of your hand, and then the anesthesiologist will come in to talk to you. Something in the IV will make you very fuzzy and drowsy; when the anesthesiologist pricks you lightly in the back, you'll hardly be aware of it. Then you're rolled into the OR -- but you're already off in la-la land and don't know what's going on.

This is the type of anesthesia I had, and I would recommend it for several reasons:

-- As mentioned above, it avoids the need for pain meds for the first 48 hours after surgery. By the time the spinal wears off, you have already started to heal and the pain is less intense. In my case it was beautifully controlld with a few Darvocet over a period of three days. By the way, your lower body is NOT numb, and you can move about in your bed normally.

-- You do not have to be intubated with the anesthesia thinggy. This means no sore throat upon awakening.

-- The painful shoulders so many women speak about on this site are apparently associated with a certain type of general anesthesia. If you choose the spinal, you won't have thos post-op shoulder pains adding to your general misery.

-- Since you have not had what is commonly known as a general anesthesia, you won't be nauseated when you wake up, and can have juice, soda, whatever you want just about immediately. The first thing I did when I emerged from sedation was to ask for a Sprite, and they brought it to me directly. Another woman in the recovery area saw this and also asked for something to drink; they told her she had to wait because she'd had a different type of anesthesia.

My experience with the spinal was so overwhelmingly positive, that I hope everyone having a vertical incision will consider it. Again, the patients does NOT know what goes on in the operating room, and has no memory of it afterwards. The spinal does NOT hurt!

Best of luck!
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I AM SO HAPPY for your good news!!!!!  Congrats!!
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WONDERFUL news!!!  So glad it turned out well!!  Thanks for letting us know!

Gail :)
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Fantastic news! I'll have a sip of that wine! Cheers!
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Thanks guys.  My sweet hubby took me out for dinner and I had that glass of wine! Cheers to all of you.

Linda J
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Yaaaaaaay I am SO glad.... I would send a little thank you to the doctor who referred you....he sounds great!
Love Katie
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Hurray, Linda J!  That is awesome news, and I'm so happy for you!  Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted, and I hope the rest of your week is great!
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You go girl!!!  I am so glad to hear the good news, you guessed it I am Happy Dancing.
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