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Hi guys hope all is well, Im not sure if you guys will remember me, but I have been on before and got great advice and understanding from you all. Im sorry if I have not posted in a while but I lost my home and everytning I owned in a house fire somtime ago and it took us a while to build our life back up and a computer really was not on the top of our list to purchase.... But we are all safe and doing better now... But I do have a question I just wondered what happened to the BulgeBattlingBattalionCysters site I can't find it. Is it still in operation?....Thanks and God bless to all of you....
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Hello! Glad you dropped by. I haven't been a regular on this site lately, but wanted to check in tonight and was surprised when I saw a reference to the BBB... a bit nostalgic, too, I might add.

I think of Raven Lady (Mary) all the time. It was such a shock when we found out she was so very ill. I want to say that she died from what turned out to be rapidly advancing brain cancer. Dian will help me out here if I am wrong. Mary lived only a few miles from me here in Minnesota and although we didn't see each other outside the forum except for one memorable meeting just as the BBB was starting up, I always felt a kinship to her ... Such a neat, vivacious gal. I remember her death notice in the newspaper. She was connected to many people... so many people cared for her (as she showed others great care and concern, too).

Sorry to hear about your house fire. I cannot even imagine. I was in a fire in college and still have nightmares about that. So sorry to hear what you've gone through and that you're in a better place now.

Hope to see you over on Facebook... glad NYC Lady is going to connect with you.

Take care,

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I don't know what to say --- my heart is deeply in tears, Raven Lady passed, so sorry to hear of this.. She was the first one to welcome me to this group and was always so concerned about me and everyone on here.... But as you said they are angles now. This group is wonderful…The ladies who have passed will always be remembered. Here I am nobody really knows me but someone like Raven Lady touched my life and I never met her personally-- but her love really reached out over the "NET" and touched my heart. So many miles apart but so close .She touched so many people, as myself, who will always remember her and treasure her concern and compassion for others. And I so glad to hear from the rest of you and happy that you all are doing good. It is fantastic how you ladies remember group members and welcome them back with open "arms"….. god bless you all.
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Hi Mrs_Missy,
                                I am so sorry to hear what you and your family have been through so much.

I am so glad that you remembered us though.

I may not write much on here but I do drop by and see how everyone is going.

Welcome back
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A bunch of us have reconnected on Facebook.  Send me a private message with your email and I will ask you to join.  We need to get t the group together.  Personally, I have been going through so much that I could use everyone's support.

Glad to hear that you are in a better place, and now, doing well.

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Hello there.....it's been a very long time since I heard your voice!
Yea.....MSN shut us down......it was a sad day.  I am one of the earliest members.....I came up with the name.
Sadly, there are many of us who are no longer here......some of the women here refer to them as "our Angels"........I just miss them.  
I willl have my five year check in April........I still have my port and will not allow it to be removed until I am ready.
Raven Lady passed last Feb and Mid no longer comes to MedHelp......she has had a rough time since her sister was murdered.
Wow.....what a downer I sound like!
I'll stop right here!
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Forgive me, i said Medhelp shut the site down, I meant MSN shut it down.  Sorry Medhelp.  lol
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Mrs_Missy, it has been a very long time!  I am so sorry that your family had to go through such a terrible tragedy.  I can't imagine how terrible that had to be for you, but thank the Good Lord that you and your family were safe.  The BBBC is no longer on MedHelp.  Unfortunately, they shut the site down.  I will send you a PM.  I'm glad your back.  We wondered what happened to you!.  It has been a very long time since I saw a post with the BBBC name.  It feels really good to see it again.  A lot has happened since you have been here.  I'm sure others will be along to catch up too.
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