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Burning sensation & no sexual pleasure!!


I am 28, male, from Sydney. I am married for 7 years.I do not find pleasure at all at sex drive but I have a high desire. I erect normally and the penis condition is normal as well. But I feel some obstruction inside (I cant say the exact location as I am confused about the location) the penis, burning at the time of urination, urine retention, and painful ejaculation. I have met several doctors and have done lots of tests ( Uroflowmetry,ultrasound of bladder, kednry, and others, urine tests, blood tests. There is no stricture, not an enlarged prostate and every test results are found in normal state. One of the urologist adviced me to meet a phycologist. I feel shy in front of my wife though she is unware of this problem. Last months I had used a spray to increase the sex drive time " INDIAN GOD". Thats the only time I have found the sexual pleasure in my married life. But that is not working now. Again I am in my previous stage with the unpleasant sexual life. None could diagnose the actual problem. Can anyone assist and advise me....I am still hopeful.

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you got into the wrong forum for this  try sexual relationships
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