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CA Level Keep rising - double up every 15 days , PET CT shows nothing

Hello All, My mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer stage III, last year April. At that time her CA125 was 31,000. She had three rounds of Chemo (Mitotax + Carbo platin). Then surgery in which her Ovary, Uterus, Appendix, and some lymph nodes were removed. Post surgery she had Another 3 rounds of same Chemo therapy. After all this her CA-125 level was 125. Our oncologist suggested two more rounds of Chemo. Her Ca-125 level came to 28. Once her Chemos were stopped, her CA-125 levels are rising ever since. They rosed like - 28-> 50 -> 108 -> 242->350->630. Tests have been done every 15 days. We had gone for PET CT when CA -125 was 242. At that time PET CT was clear. What should we do, Please guide.
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My doctor would have me back on chemo just to keep cancer from growing. The cancer may be spreading but to small to show on a CT. Sorry I do not have better news. Did they also take the omentum with the original surgery? It is the lining of all the major organs. It is called optimum debulking. Did a gyn/oncologist do the surgery? Again I am not a doctor I can only say what they did with me.
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