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OK, since I've said I'm a CA girl and no one else is stepping up, I'll start it.

I grew up in Bakersfield, CA, sometimes called the Armpit of CA.  That's because it sits about in the crook (if you look at the map).  Or, it could be b/c it smells.  Lots of dairies around that place.  Bakersfield's roots are heavy in Country Western.  Merle Haggard and Buck Owens are from there.  Courtney music probably put it on the map.  Agriculture is also heavy.  Carrots, broccoli, onions, potatoes, almonds, olives, cotton and oranges are grown there or the surrounding areas.  Just look at a bag of Bunny Love Carrots, they're from Bakersfield.  The movie, The Onion Fields, is a true story out of Bakersfield.  

Bakersfield is just about 2 hours from everything, LA, the ocean, skiing, mountains.  I think it gets such a bum rap b/c it just cannot shake that country image.  In the spring, purple lupine and orange poppies grow in the hills surrounding the area.  It looks like a beautiful carpet.    Las Vegas is only 4 hours away.  That's where I was born.
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Ha ha ha...just realized that I've spelled my daughter's name for Country!  

And...lots of movies are filmed in the area b/c of it's "uniqueness".  

Barbra Streisand goes to a local Basque restaurant, the Woolgrowers, for its awesome food.
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Ok I have to step up too....I am 100% California girl...Born and raised. And yes at one time I was like totally for sure a Valley girl...like totally. Love the weather the beaches the mountains everything. We have Disneyland and California Adventure which my daughter conveniently is reminding me we haven't gone to in 6 months. We have the movie studios. Universal Studios and Knotts Berry Farm with some of the best fried chicken ever.

I am from Redlands which is a nice place in the middle of many different type places. I love to shop in Cabazon which is right outside Palm Springs. Travel up the tramway from the hot desert to the freezing majestic mountains. I go day fishing and whale watching and anything to do with boats as often as I can. Old Town Pasadena is a little more than an hour away with some of  the best antique shopping. We have the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl. USC and UCLA and two of the best teams in the US. We have the Lakers and the Ducks and the Kings. We have Hollywood with Groamans Chinese theater and the Hollywood walk of Fame. Some wonderful museums and fruit markets in the Fairfax area. Mammoth for skiing. In the Redlands area we have some of the best orange orchards around.

Shopping in downtown LA is such a great experience as you get to go through the fashion district and jewelry district. Then if you want an awesome breakfast you can wait in line at the pantry. If you prefer you can go to the Biltmore which is so worth it for it's beautiful architecture. Chinatown is another great experience with duck hanging in every window.

So yes I am a California girl too and it is a GREAT place to live.
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