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CA125 - Could this be a false Negative

Hi, My name is Andre and I am from India. My mom was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer Stage IIIB. She went through surgery where they removed her uterus,ovaries, part of her omentum & fallopian tubes. The surgery as per her doctors was optimum and there was no gross disease left. She also had 150 ml ascites taken out during surgery which tested positive for malignant cells. Her CA125 levels before surgery were 35.5 had dropped to 17.5 post surgery just before the chemo was started.

She is in the hospital right now for her 4th round of chemo and during re-evaluation the CT scan shows a lesion of about 1.8x1.4 cm somewhere around her vagina. I think I heard them say it is next to the stump left behind after removing the uterus.  This is after 3 rounds with paclitaxel and carboplatin.The CA-125 levels are down to 5.5. No evidence of any ascites.

On comparing the pre-chemo MRI slides and the current CT scan slides the radiologist says that this lesion was there even before the chemo started. The report for the Pre-Chemo MRI however did not mention any such thing. The surgeon who performed the surgery says he remembers that there was no such lesion when he performed the surgery.

Could this be a false negative for the CA-125 and is the cancer progressing instead of regressing. I am confused and scared ... please help
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