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CA125 Level

Hi i have just had my CA125 level jump again for the third time and it is now at it's highest being 64. These levels have continued to elevate after having to have blood tests every three months. To date I am in good health and all scans have come back clear prior to my recent blood test. For what reasons would my CA125 continue to rise ?  Thanks All.
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I'm going to have to agree with Jan. Why are you so obsessed with death? I know you tested positive for the Brac gene, but that in no way means you will get cancer and die! I'm 28, tested negative for the brac gene, had no family history of this cancer, and was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer in July 2007. I have been on chemo for over a year now and have never been in remission, yet I don't constantly think about my death. You should live your life and be happy!! Stress will kill you, I promise you that.
Please try and be positive about your health and enjoy life.  Best wishes, Deandra
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I have read your journal and your few posts and I am confused.  You say you aren't worried about this and are living life to the fullest, but you seem awfully preoccupied with cancer & death. Given your age and the fact that you don't have cancer, it could be a million different things, non of which have anything to do with cancer.  What have your Drs said?  As for being an organ donor, yes you can because you don't have cancer.  Of course for the most part to be an organ donor you have to die and you are a healthy 37 yr old so again, I am not understanding why you are so obsessed with these issues of death & disease.  Only 3-5% of women who have breast cancer tested positive for the mutated gene. BTW having your breasts removed is no guarantee you won't get breast cancer.  Microscopic cells left behind from the surgeons knife has led many women who thought they were safe down a false path of hope. You are far more likely to stress yourself into a heart attack if you don't quit worrying about this.   I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but we have women on here who are dying of this horrible disease, who do have to worry about every rise in their CA125 and they would all love to be in your position.  You should just count your blessings and live your life.
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