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This is my second time dealing with Ovarian Cyst that a complex. My first was when I was 22 and I had laropscopic surgery to remove bilateral dermoid cyst. Now they have returned this time only on the left side. It is very painful and I am not sure what I am doing for them to keep coming back or if I should even go threw with the surgery again. I have one child and hadn't been able to hav eanother one since surgery. Should I be concerned that cancer may be at a higher risk since this is the second time.
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Although  Doctors are generally more suspicious of complex cysts , many women with endometriosis get them time and time again and never get cancer . I don,t think there is anything that you can do to prevent them , Im not sure if any hormone treatments help but its not fun if you keep on getting these cysts . I would have a disscussion with your doctor and see what  suggestions he or she can come up with .
Let us  know how you get on and good luck .

Best wishes
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Well I go in on Friday the 13th..lol...Of all the days but it is the same day I am suppose to start my cycle. Which has been on the dote every time for the last 3 months. I normally am not this regular or this PMS' sy..WoW...Feel like I am pregnant and have all the same symptoms of pregnancy but I am not....
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Not to worry you, but you are sure you aren't pregnant, right? I'm also having surgery in a few weeks time to remove a dermoid and my doc advised to take extra precautions this month as trauma from surgery could result in an etopic pregnancy. No to scare you, but perhaps take a preg test just to confirm??

Strange coincidence, but I am having surgery in two weeks and it is also scheduled for the first day of my period!!... weird... :-P

It's two days away, right? Good luck -- I'll sending you positive vibes!!
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Thanks for the support. I am pretty sure, I can usually tell two or three days before I menstrate. Although I did spot a little in mid-cycle. I wish that it could be pregnancy. I think that it had more to do with the dermoid than anything else. I haven't had surgery on this second dermoid yet. I want to see if there might be another way.

Good luck with your surgery. It can be a bight painful for a few days after, plus your stomach is bloated.. : ( But it is better then the pain it causes when they get to be bigger. Just get rest.
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