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CT Help, Second opinion??

Hello. My name is Kate and I'm 27. I was diagnosed with stage IIc OvCa a year ago. Followed by ovary & fallopian tube removal.  (I still have a uterus) I had positive washings and did 3 rounds of carbol/taxol.   I've been following up with Ca125s and/or CT Scans every 3 months since then. I recently asked for the actual report of my CT Scan (done in Oct).  Back in Oct, my gyn/onc called me and told me that it was "fine".  However, reading the results has freaked me out a bit.    
Here are the "abnormals"....
1. Sm. left thyroid nodule (not visualized on prior exam due to being below plane of thyroid) measures 1x0.7cm
2. Left subclavian vein stenosis or occlusion   (I have never had a central line or port...)
3. punctate subcapsular liver lesion probably stable and too sm. to characterize. (these were not on the Apr 09 CT)
4.subcentimeter probable simple cysts in the right kidney are stable. (subcentimeter cysts were seen on last CT too)
5. small inguinal lymph nodes are stable. (again, not noted on previous CT)
6. ill defined soft tissure in the right adnexa is again noted and too ill defined for measurement currently.  Can't localize a discrete mass. area does not appear to have changed since prior examination. (This was noted nearly the same way on the last CT.  I just don't understand WHAT it could be....scar tissue? Mass? )
Impression-----Stable Exam.

I am just concerned about the relatively "new" findings.  Do you think that it's appropriate that I wait for another check up (in MAY) followed by another CT scan in Sept. 2011?   Or is it ok to ask for a CT sooner, at least at the May f/u appt.?  I don't want to over react, but I'm worried.  I trust my gyn/onc as he is well known for his OVCa Research at the Univ. Of Chicago, however he seems really laid back.  
So I was just wondering what you think of these findings and if when I speak with my doctor he again says its "fine", should I seek another opinion?
Thanks in advance,
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Dear Kate
that sounds like a great plan
it is really awfully stressful!!
Also if it fits your personality, you could consider joining a support group
another option is a mind-body group (read Herb Benson - relaxation response
acupuncture can also be very helpful for stress, depression

please let us know what happens
take care
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Dr Goodman,
Thank you so much for your reply.  I understand that these findings are 'typical' for CT Scans, it just worried me that some of the "abnormals" were not seen in a previous scan, six months prior.   I really don't know weather or not to rely on the CA 125s d/t the fact that my FIRST one ever drawn was after three surgeries and three rounds of chemo.  Therefore, I have no clue if it is even a good marker for me.  
Just as an update- I have spoken with my Gyn/Onc and he agreed to repeat the CT scan this April, and then we will discuss a thyroid US if needed.  I understand as a cancer patient, that "Stable" is a great word--- I just didn't expect to see such a thing on MY scan.  In the mean time- my doc & I have decided to prescribe Ativan to get me through the rough spots (Thank goodness!!!! )  I appreciate you being there for my "freak out" moments and will definitely be updating in April!

Thanks Again,
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Hi Kate
thank you for your questions

I would say that those findings on CT scan all sound very normal

thyroid nodule: best test is a thyrroid Ultrasound.Thyroid nodule and also thyroid cancer is very common in young women and is unrelated to ovarian cancer.
If there is a concern on thyroid ultrasound , then you need a biopsy

everything else looks like the normal flux one sees on these scans

from the point of view of screening you for a recurrence, if you had an elevated tumor marker such as a CA 125 at diagnosis, that will be much more sensitive than a scan in picking up an early recurrence.

there has been alot of debate about getting CA 125s as it causes alot of stress . Some doctors recommend waiting until something can be seen on a scan before intervening.

personally, I find that hard to do but the data is mixed on the benefit of chemotherapy in an asymptomatic recurrence.

please keep in touch
best wishes
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