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CT Report 3mm Ovarian Cyst, Moderate Fluid in Pelvis, Cyst on Liver and Spleen

Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm a 35 year old Female who went in for a CT scan for kidney stones (3rd time) Turns out I have a 3mm cyst on right ovary, 2mm on Liver and 1.7mm on Spleen. I can't get into my OBGYN until October. Some research I've done is scaring me into thinking I might have a later stage Ovarian Cancer. I've never had Cysts on any of the 3 mentioned before. I've had numerous CT scans over the years for Stones and Back. My symptoms over the last 3 months  include bloating, pain during sex, sparatic pain in right lower pelvis, pain after urination (sparatic but lasts a few minutes, no UTI) and getting full after eating a little. Thank you!
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First off those cysts are small. CT scans pick up a lot of things that you are born with. If you just had a cyst on the ovary I would tell you not to worry it is most likely benign. It still could be but the liver and spleen cysts make it more complicated. I am no doctor.

I personally would ask to see a GYN/oncologist as soon as possible. The Gyn should send you to one anyway.

It would be normal to be sacred of ovarian cancer. One step at a time. That said I have been diagnosed for 3 years and four months. I have the BRCA mutation which makes cancer. A lot of my immediate family got cancer including ovarian young.

People are not statistics.  I read things about ovarian cancer a freaked out. I was so full of cancer they had me in cancer in days. I had cancer in a dozen places Statistically I should not be here. I am about to go to Europe. I ride horses, swim and hour and train dogs.

I have had over two years of chemo. I only lost my hair once with my first treatment. Most of my treatments have been fine. If it were not been for hospital visits I would not think I have cancer.

It is not something I want but it is not the worst thing that could happen to me either.

I am here if you need support.


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What an incredible woman you are to not only respond to me so quickly, but to have such a positive outlook on your own ongoing experience. It warms my heart to know that a complete stranger would take time out of her day to get back to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since July I've had a down pour of medical issues. I originally went to my OBGYN in July to have a cyst looked at in my Breast. I explained some of my symptoms and history (kidney stones, cervical cancer) and he referred me to a Urologist. When I saw her I was having what felt like Kidney Stone pain, but not as consistent. To be blunt, after I relieve myself it feels as if a knife is going inside me (which is what all my stones have felt like) but I do take a low dose painkiller for my back, so I honestly don't know if the pain is there everyday or just the random days out of the week I feel it....anyways, she ordered a CT. Now I've had numerous CTs over the past 10 years (the last one in 2012). I've never had one come back with these results. They have always just showed stones. When I met with her she let me know very briefly that she was sending the results to the Gyno, and that I have Moderate fluid in my pelvis and the other existing cyst I mentioned. She then also said that I need to make an appointment with my PCP to discuss the spleen and liver and an Ultrasound (the Radioologist said in his "conclusion" recommended Ultrasound on Ovary, Cyst and Spleen. I'm in the Medical Flied and grew up in it as well. I'm very proactive and like to figure out what's going on so I can take care of it. I freaked myself out today when I read Stage III and the fact that it goes into the liver and spleen!! Seeing that just really scared me. I will for sure call my Dr tomorrow and explain the urgency on getting me in quicker. My PCP I don't see for 3 weeks either. I'm sending lots of positive energy your way!! It's wonderful how active your staying! Life is precious and we should enjoy every minute! Please let me know as well if you ever need to talk!
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You really need to see a GYN oncologist. This is out of the league of  GYN. I have cancer in my spleen and liver but I am doing fine. I get anemic but I take vitamins. An ultrasound is the way to go. I thought I had a kidney stone too. The internet has 5 year old stuff on ovarian cancer and it is no longer accurate. They used to say life expectancy was a couple to 5 years. Now it is past ten in most cases. It is important to go to the best hospital you can. I went to the University of North Carolina thinking it would be good. They have a big new cancer hospital. The only cancer they do not treat in the cancer hospital is ovarian. They give chemo in a hall way! It was like third world. I had a nurse but no doctor. I saw him the week before surgery and never again. I was so sick and no one would do anything. An oncologist friend told me to go to Duke ASAP. They saved my life. Plus Duke has the up to the date cancer care. Things like immunotherapy.

If a hospital or doctors 5 years behind the times with ovarian then the outcome is not as good.

I hope you do not have it.


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Did they find the cancer in the spleen and liver at the same time as the Ovarian Cancer? Did they say that the Ovarian Cancer spread to your spleen and liver?  Where you having any symptoms? I called my Dr today and explained that I would like the "recommended Ultrasounds from the Radiologist" ordered before I see both the OBGYN and my PCP. That I don't want to wait a few weeks to see them and THEN have them ordered....Im so glad you got to Duke. It's SO important for all of us to be proactive in our health. These days with Insurances it's so easy to get turned away for tests, visits etc....it's disgusting. I have an HMO that's limtited, I feel fortunate with my medical background that I know what to say to get the ball moving!!! Lol, with that said, my insurance would require me to get a referral from my PCP to see a GYN oncologist. Do you think I should find a good one and pay out of pocket? I live in Southern California and I know there's amazing Drs here as well.
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Yes the ovarian was in both ovaries, all over my omentum, my bowel, and liver, and lymph system. I bleed for two years. Stopped bleed ing and started throwing up all the time, then diaphragm spasms. That went on two years. My doctor saw cysts on both ovaries but never told me she thought it was PCOS. They did do a CT when I first threw up but it did not show anything. I went to the ER six months before diagnosis but they were not allowed by UNC to do tests. I got a topped rated one at UNC but he was in a rock band and he was on tour when I needed him.

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Your cysts are tiny. Some people tend to develop cysts. Most cysts are benign and do not need any treatment. I developed a much larger (grapefruit sized) ovarian cyst, 9.5cm / 95mm. The CT scan also showed a number of cysts on my liver and kidneys but they were not concerned about them. I was told I just happened to be a "cyst maker" even though I hadn't had problems with ovarian cysts in the past (not that I was aware of anyway) and have no idea how long I had the liver and kidney cysts.

I am surprised you have had so many CT scans. I have always read those should be limited due to the fairly high dose of radiation. If further investigation is needed, hopefully they can see what is needed with an MRI or ultrasound. Let us know what they find out.
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