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CT scan clear - CA125 low - White & Red blood count "perfect"

Read a reply on the PET scan thread that said a CT scan does not pick up everything.... sugar brings out somethings on a PET scan.....  

so, a "clean"  CT scan might not mean really clear?  
But, what if white and red blood cell count was "perfect" -   and CA 125 was normal  (13)  
Does that help the case for clear?

Thank you for any input!

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If there are microscopic cells, it is possible at CT Scan or PET scan may not pick them up.  I have heard statistics as high as anything up to an inch might not be detected, but I cannot speak for the validity of that.

I'm sure you've probably read in other threads that a CA125 is not exactly accurate in premenopausal women.  It cannot be used to diagnose cancer, nor can it be used to rule it out.  It is used in conjunction with other tests, but the only way to diagnose Ovarian Cancer is through a surgical biopsy.  

What sort of symptoms do you have, and what is your doctor saying about all of it?  

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Hi Gail,

Symptoms -
I have been coughing for 6 months - non productive. Had pleurisy in November 07  - and that turned into pleural effusion.  So, he put me on a medicine for pneomia - it cleared up.    Still coughing, but it is only when I am sitting ( I realized after a few months.....)

On top of that, I was having a tugging pressure feeling in my vaginal area, up under my ribs, etc....

Oh, had a hysterectomy June 06 - he left in my left ovary only.

Anyway, feeling like something was pushing up on my lungs and down on my lower abdomen when I sat.  

Bled a few weeks ago, then started a UTI - so, he said a small cyst burst, he cauterized it in the office.     Sent me for an internal US -  
this showed a 12cm cyst and a few smaller ones.

Cannot be sure, but I was thinking the cyst is why I am coughing when I sit.   I'm sure it was causing the other tugging and dull aches.    
Can't find anyone else with the pleurisy and large cyst...so, maybe I am just looking for an answer to the pleurisy.   I don't smoke, never have. I don't have any bad habits.  Just a mom with three children born by C-Section.  Small town.  

He is taking it out on 2/5/08 -  ovary and cyst.

Thank you for any input, I was relaxing about it being benign because the CA125 was low and the white and red blood count was so great.  
Then read the CT scan isn't completely accurate. CA125 can't predict.....

Thank you again!!!

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