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CT scan vs Transabdominal Ultrasound, which is more reliable?

I had a CT scan done due to having pain and diarrhea for 2 weeks (now going on 2 months), the CT found an ovarian cyst on the right ovary....pain at that time was on the left. I found out after my Dr had me get a transabdominal ultrasound that the CT showed findings consistent with a complex cyst. The ultrasound showed what they said appears to be a simple cyst measuring 2.1 x 1.7 x 2.0 cm that should resolve itself in a month or 2, and no further work up is needed. This was a month ago, since then I still have both issues that sent me to the Dr in the first place....added to that now is feeling lots of pressure, pretty consistent nausea and (just once) shooting (on right side where the cyst is located) pain during intercourse that left me crying.  I'm seeing a GI specialist on Monday, since initially my Dr thought it was a intestinal/colon issue. He is now also referring me to a Gyno.
Which if either is more reliable? I feel like I'm being a hypochondriac, but there is a history of breast cancer in my family, as well as colon problems.  
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Hi. Just saw your post. Any answers yet?
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Nothing yet, the GI specialist has me scheduled for a colonoscopy in May to rule any of that out. My appt with the gynecologist is tomorrow, so hopefully that will give me some answers!
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