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******CYBER PARTY******

It's Saturday night and time to Cyber Party!  Time to set aside the loads we all carry, day to day and relax a bit.  For tonights icebreaker tell us what you told everyone you wanted to be when you were five.  I recall telling adults, who asked, that I wanted to be a Nun.  This was due to much coaching on my Irish Catholic Mom but at five I, not really understanding what a Num was, liked the idea of wearing long skirts.  Go figure!  Well I am not a Nun, and have two kids that are really glad that was only a five year olds aspiration!  Destiny had other plans for me.  So tell us a little about yourself, where you hale from etc. and, if you like, what you thought you might like to do when you grew up.  MV
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Hi Mary!  Thank you so much for hosting the cyber party.  I hope you are doing well.  Believe it or not, when I was five, I told everyone that I wanted to be a teacher.  I guess I am fufilling that dream because I am a preschool teacher.  I lead teach the 3's and younger 4's two days a week, and assist in the older 4's and 5's class three days a week.  I will say that when I grow up, I want to be a nurse.  I am hoping to be able to go to nursing school in a couple of years.  It is my desire to work with cancer patients or on the maternity ward in a hospital.  I live in Indiana and I have a wonderful husband and 3 great kids.  By the way, I brought a cheesecake dip and graham sticks.  I look forward to getting into the hot tub as my back has been hurting so bad to day!!

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here we go two parties in one weeks yah!!!!!

How is everyone tonight????

Just put the little one to bed and now I am off to clean and watch TV. I will be back in about an 1hrs time to check up on all of you.

Ps. I will be enjoying a nice glass of red wine and loving it!!!!!!!  could use some appetizers or somethin lol..

Where is the party girl????   hmmm I hope everything is all well and she just forgot about us lol

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OH! Thanks for the reminder about DST!
Be careful driving this week, they say there are more accidents the week of the time changes!!

Anyone ever show up in church an hour late on the time change weekend?  I did that once!  Couldn't figure out why everyone was GRINNING at us (I thought, "Gee they usually aren't this friendly here") ... and the church was so full... and there were no parking spots and we had to go RIGHT to the front to get a seat!
Well, we were finished church in five minutes anyway!!  All that effort getting 3 kids ready!
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Thank God it happens on the weekend!  MV
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When I was five, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  When my dad retired from the Air Force, we moved to a farm.  Talk about culture shock!!  We went from living in Hawaii to a farm in Oklahoma!  Guess time does dictate what you end up doing.  Got my BA in Advertising, and my MS in Mass Communications...but what do I do?  Administrative Officer for a federal power utility!  Not even close to my degrees!  Oh well.  

Hey Katie...remember that little hockey challenge we talked about back before the season started???  How about we take another look at that!!  Here I was all worried I'd be bottom-dwelling....but look at me now!!  LOL!  

Gail :)
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Yowsa Mair,
     So does the sciatica cause lower back pain or what?  Middle age is high maintenance isn't it!
      Still want to hear what you thought you wanted to do when you were a kid.  It rarely coincides with what we actually end up doing but would be interested if you drop back with that gin & tonic in hand!  MV

P.S  I applied for another job this week too but it is not the first.  I have had offers but just have trouble giving up teaching.  If the right thing comes along, I'll know it and so will you!  
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Welcome Gail!
     My almost DIL has made her first application to Vet school just last week.  Tough row to hoe but we will stand behind her.  So what's the story on hocky?  Do tell!  MV
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Hope I'm not to late for the party, I'll bring some Irish coffee so we can all stay up late-but be careful we loose an hour of sleep. When I was 5 I wanted to be a cowgirl.
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Thanks Mary  for bringing up the sciatic nerve, Leslee's pain right now is as she describes it in the center of her "buns"  since her scans have been clean that could be  the problem. I have been reading alot about heat killing treatments and wondered if soaking in a hot tub a couple of times a day would heat up the body enough. Asked her what temp they use, she said around 102 degrees. It's  a thought. Will tell her tomorrow.
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Welcome Stretch!
     Mmmmm I love Irish coffee, whip one up for me!  It's Cyber Party and there is no such thing as late!  So having that young urge to be a Cowgirl did you ever get into horseback riding and such?  I'm a city girl and could count the number of times I have had the pleasure of riding a horse on one hand.  Just does not come up!  My husband talks about his childhood fantasy of woring on a ranch and he is a city dweller too.  Dreams are good though and sometimes they do come true.  That was the theme of our wedding, that dreams do come true.  For us, they have but even those that don't form us.  MV
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that was a good typo there!!!!  was it working on a ranch  or whoring on a ranch   lol
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My Nashville Predators are in first place in the league with 96 points.  Season still has a couple of weeks to go, but so far, so good!
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