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********CYBER PARTY********

It's Cyber Party Time so let's relax and get to know each other beyond the issues that brought us all here.  Tell us where you hale from, your family and anything else you like.  For tonights icebreaker, tell us about your first job.  Mine was the Betty Crocker Pie Shop where I was hired because I looked so wholesome (I should have, was six minths shy of sixteen, the minimum age I could be legally employed in the states!).  I was the Hostess so I seated customers', ran the register and sold pies.  The majority of us were high school kids and had more than one pie fight after closing in the parking lot with the throw-away pies.  We would be so covered with chocolate, bananna and coconut cream pie we'd head to the 24 hour grocery for shampoo and such afterward so we could clean up and fly under our Mother's radars when we went home.  Way fun!  I always say restraunt work motivated me to learn something else but will admit those were good days!  Tell us about your first job or, perhaps, favorite or least favorite job.  Let's have some fun Cysters!  MV
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And Mary, I have not gotten back to you yet. I have actually slept most of the day. I braved a trip out to Trader Joe's. I have wanted to go over there in St. Louis Park for the longest time. They opened about a year ago I think. I drove around for awhile and finally found it. Talk about crowded in the parking lot. I almost gave up but got a spot at the last minute. Crowded inside, too....interesting place, though. Came home and went back to bed. I cannot seem to fight this darn cold. It is bad again. And, a busy week. I was offered another position in our company, but it would be doing a totally different job and at our site up on the Northern ring of 694. I have a lot of thinking to do. I have a great top boss and she sensed I have been unhappy for some time now. Very intuitive.

I'd better get to the question. Waitressing. For four summers. I think if you can do that job you feel like you can do anything.

Dian, sorry to hear you are on crutches. And, Mary, getting around in a wheel chair. Your days must seem twice as long.

We are still trying to diagnose my pain. Sciatica was ruled out. Onto the next test next week. Then that test will be (ahem) all behind me.....

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Hey Neighbor!
     So good to hear from you!  Frank and I have been plagued by colds from that bug that has been going around since before we went to Mexico!  Stinks!  I actually napped today!  I am not a napper!  Anyway, I agree that waitressing teaches you many things!  So what kind of restraunt was it?  I'd love to chat so call tomorrow if you are feeling up to it (warning, I am really raspy just now but feel better than I sound.  I have questions for our resident Hormone Queen)
     Star, you have seen so much women's history!  I had a call today from an old friend from grade school.  We lost track of each other in high school but it turns out she went into Engineering and is also a pioneer in "non-traditional" jobs too.  She and I both grew up watching women fight for our rights and we were the generation that proved we could do what they believed all women could do.  We agreed it has been an honor!  Star, you have seen so much more of it.  If we lost anything along the way, please headslap us soundly so we can be sure our daughters don't carry forward inadvertant lessons.  So is Leslee still running a fever?  She is on my Mom's prayer chain of which I am only one link.  
      I recall, at the Pie Shop, that women were never hired as cooks until another friend of mine, Mary Beth, hit the scene.  She is now running the Raptor Center here in MN and although I am proud of her for that, I am prouder of her still for breaking down that job barrier in the seventies!  MV
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You gals with the colds,  are you getting that extra vit C?  Leslee has that pain in her siatic area also, we kinda figure it is actullay the hip joints, she is going to ask about taking glucosamine. did a little research and found this is a very comman complaint of chemo , the drugs harm the lubricant between the bones, in the hips.  the Siatic nerve runs through, right on and near the hip socket.
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Hey Mary,  you get real good with that wheel chair and I will recruit you for our womens wheel chair basketball team. Most of them are returning stroke victims.
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I just posted on the BBBC can you check it and help me out?
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You Bet, I'm there!  MV
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Good advice on the Vitamin C...I am a huge believer. In fact, that is why I ventured out today, to pick up more Vitamin C. I cannot tell you how many colds I know I have dodged by loading up on my "C" and getting extra sleep....But, I can still see that sweet face of Linus Pauling (hope I am spelling that right).  And, my Mom was a bit ahead of her time I think. She was born in 1910. Anyway, she had a vitamin C put out for my Dad every morning for him to take with breakfast.

I just think all of the stress from the emotional roller coaster from the past few weeks between my job decisions and this pain and what I should do about it has just gotten the better of me. The good news is that the doctor who looked at the X-rays of my hip/back/spine said my bone X-rays were "Pristine." He found no compression that would indicate this would cause a sciatic-like pain. He said I have tiny bit of arthritis on my right hip, but it's minimal and it does not seem to be affecting my flexibility and he is not convinced my pain is coming anywhere from my spine or my hip. And, he said that Sciatic pain would not "wrap" around the front like mine does. So, he suggested I go back to the people who did the initial surgery (Hysterectomy) and to also carry on with the plans for the colonoscopy (which I have scheduled for a week from Monday). If nothing shows up there (although given other symptoms..diarrhea without the cramping for two months now... I will be surprised if nothing shows up) then I insist on the transvaginal ultrasound (US). They did only the Abdominal US and I was a bit upset that they did not do the extra part...Four minutes, I mean, Geez Louise! Not my most favorite thing to have done, but c'mon we are trying to rule things out. I just had my estrogen level checked on Friday and will call for the results next week. If the estrogen is still skyrocket high as it was two months ago, well, then I think we are onto something as I am still trying to rule out Ovarian Remnant Syndrome.

So, back to the Orthopedic doctor. He said that if all else fails to show any problems he would send me for a special X-ray where they put a dye in the hip joint to see if there are any problems. But, before they do this, they put Novacaine in that joint and if you get immediate relief from the pain, well, there is your answer...you at least know where that pain is coming from.

I have had some relief from the chronic pain today. But, sleeping all day will probably do that for you!

Hopefully some party day I can come on here and say that I am pain free....and, I wish that for everyone on this forum, of course.

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Hey Cysters,
      Gina posted today about the necessity of being proactive and after reading your post Mary, I realize being proactive is a tough job and a job in itself!  Gina laid it on the line with her GYN that her annual will include a transvaginal US.  Floored her GYN but maybe they need to be floored!  You needed that Mary and did not get the extra four minutes of US.  Why was that omitted?  I guess I am learning that we have to help our Doctors by speaking up and raising a little Cain.  We are the dang client and too often treated (and patronized) by the medical community as mere subjects of insurance companies recommendations.  Well this client pays monthly and if I have learned nothing else here, I have learned not to be a mere silent subject.  I speak for a living and I can certainly speak to live!  We have to Cysters, we just have to!  Our doctors may not listen, at first, but if enough of us do so, we can affect change.  Let's do that, if not for ourselves, for our daughters and nieces and granddaughters.  I will!  Thanks to Gina for speaking up!  MV
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My first Job was at Mcdonalds.  I hated it.  Speaking of food fights i also woked at a pizza place and i worked there with some friends from school and we had a flour fight and we were forced to clock out lolol.  

Mary, you never got back to me from the other day, did I say something wrong?? lol  

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Hi Angel and welcome to cyber party!  
     Sorry if I didn't get back to you but started back to work on Monday.  It has been a challenge to get to class on time what with the whole showering with a cast to negotiating the restroom in a wheelchair.  Class is going great but have been absolutly exhausted!  Confusing since I am sitting all day!
      McDonalds!  That would motivate anyone to learn something else!  I don't think I could stand being around those deep fryers all day!  Ho'ws Grace?  Keeps you busy I imagine!  MV
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I am hobbling on the path to your hot tub Raven....I too am on crutches....anyway....my very first job was when I was in 4th grade....my Dad was a young officer in the Army.....I was the oldest of 5....the area we lived in wal inhabited by young officers and their families...one of my parent's best friends lived at the end of our street.....they had a new baby and when his wife was away leaving him alone with the baby I would get a phone call to come baby sit everytime there was a dirty diaper.......pay was .35 cents an hour back then!  Lets see....I think I was nine years old then.....the same happened to me in seventh grade when the Capt. living next door was left alone with his baby girl!   I will hopefully return later........happy cyber-party!
Peace ladies.
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I understand.  Do you think people back in the day were as busy as we are today?  I dont think so for some reason. Why do we always seem to be running around all the time and not getting enough sleep?  Oh well just a thought lol.  Grace is awesome she is turning 4 yrs old April 1st.  She is the greatest kid ever :)
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