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Can I get ovarian cancer if i have breast cancer

I just had breast cancer last month and when I had my regular visit with my doctor he said that I need genetic tests to see if I can get ovarian cancer. I'm starting radiation treatments and am using the drug tamoxifen. My doctor say's I can get ovarian cancer using this drug but I need this medicine so I don't get breast cancer back. If I do the genetic tests and test positive I may need a hysterectomy so I don't get ovarian cancer. My question is can I get ovarian cancer (even if noone in my family has it) If I use the medicine tamoxifen? Thank's elainerg
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Certain types of breast, colon, and ovarian/uterine caners are linked.  Some doctors say that having breast or ovarian/uterine makes you more susceptible to opposite cancer.  and in the same token, lots of women never see another cancer.  It is best to keep a check on it though. Tamoxifen in itself can make your risk of uterine cancer higher.
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I urge to to check this out.  I had stage 1 breast cancer 2 years ago at the age of 47.  Had a lumpectomy and radiation; thought I was going to be perfectly fine due to early detection.  Took Tamoxifen also with no problems.  Last March with very few symptoms (and a perfectly clear CAT scan and TV ultrasound three months earlier), I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer.  Now my doctor tells me that if you had breast cancer there is a higher risk of getting OV.  At least with breast cancer there is great screening and opportunity to catch it early; not so with OV.  Had I realized the link between the two, I probably would have had my ovaries removed but of course hindsight is 20/20!  I am going thru genetic testing now more so to help my daughter and sisters proactively deal with this if needed.  Good luck!
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I had breast cancer stage 3 in 2001. My doc said to have a hysterectomy to be on the safe side. I didn't and now I have stage 3 ov. I wish I had did what the doc told me to do.
HUG carol
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There is a BRCA gene that can elevate your risk for both breast and ovarian cancer, that's probably the genetic test your dr is urging.  It's worth doing, especially if you have daughters or sisters.  If you have the gene they can test them for the same mutation.

A close friend had breast cancer, followed by 5 years of tamoxifen.  When the tamoxifen ended, she was urged to have her ovaries removed.  She did.  The pathologist said there were "just a couple of cancer cells" deep in the ovaries and she was fine, no follow-up treatment needed.  Thank heavens she had them removed!

I don't think tamoxifen causes ovarian cancer.  But having breast cancer raises your risk for ovarian, as they seem to be linked.

Good luck and hugs!
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I appreciate all the imput. I just had a lumpectomy on july 7 and just starting radiation treatments. I am pretty scarred to have more surgery so soon. Thank you for all the imput as this will help me make a better decision.
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ya.5 yrs back my mum got breast cancer.Now she has been suffering
by overian cancer.Pls have consultation with doc
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